Where is that Siberian Siren??

After reaching No 1 this year, winning her third slam without losing a set at the Australian, plus two other titles – Doha and Amelia Islands, the Sharapower ended the year somewhat disappointingly as the No 9 player in the world, plagued by a shoulder injury that has kept her out since Montreal.


Looking on the bright side, being the only player to finish every year in the top 10 since 2004 speaks a lot for her consistency, and I’m looking forward to her return in 2009, when she’ll begin the year by playing the World Team Challenge in Hong Kong, Jan 7-10. 


Meanwhile, nice to see Maria Inc. putting her pro-longed off-season to good use. She’s featured in the December issue of GQ, looking quite stunning as usual. 



I never get why women with legs up to my shoulders needed to wear 4 inch platform heels….doesn’t do wonders for a short ass’s self-esteem. We could’ve been friends Masha… =(



Maria continues to show off her legs



[Images: Herald Sun]




One response to “Where is that Siberian Siren??”

  1. TopSpin says :

    With Womens tennis this year being found a little wanting, just think what could have been if she remained fully fit. Let’s hope it’s not a long term problem – it’s just she had a shoulder problem around the US open last year too.

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