A Moment in Time: Baby Fed v Kafelnikov

Came across this little gem while I was searching in my boredom for matches to watch. In 2000, fresh from his 4th round loss to Corretja at the US Open, Roger Federer lost to former World No 1 Kafelnikov first round at Wimbledon, and dare I say it – he played like crap. Sure there were some forehands and a few of his OMFG-how-did-he-do-that returns of serve, but most of the time, Federer looked down right confused. Did anyone expect, at that point, that he would make it to the semifinals at the Sydney Olympics a few weeks later? Or that in just 12 months time, Roger Federer would defeat Pete Sampras in that famous 5 setter? Surely not. 




Meanwhile, Federer has finalised his schedule for 2009 this week. Nothing terribly surprising – he had already announced that he’ll be playing Abu Dhabi Cash Cow Invitational, and despite my best efforts, I can’t understand why players who complain about the schedule being too demanding would even contemplate on playing tennis on the FIRST OF JANUARY. Oh well, more tennis for me.

Other interesting inclusions – Qatar, Tokyo. I heard that Nadal is also down for Qatar, that should make it one of the most interesting 250 tournaments to start off the year.  

Notably missing from the list are Monte Carlo and Hamburg. I know it’s not compulsory anymore, but he is defending a final in Monte Carlo, is it really that wise to skip the tournament?


Quote of the Week – Nick Bollettieri, a Kool Aid Drinker? Who woulda thought? 

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Federer is going to play a fantastic season in 2009 and get back the #1 ranking.” According to Bollettieri everyone who would say that Roger would have a weak year 2008 would suffer from a lost touch with reality.

“If I would be in Roger’s team I would give him 100% positive feedback after this year. I would ensure that he and everyone in the team would know that he is the #1 and one of the best players of all time.” 

“I know one thing: Tennis needs Roger Federer. Everything what he does on and off the court is exactly what we wish for in other players.”

Full Article in German

Credit to MTF for the translation.


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