Meowwwww. JJ joins the Federer backlash

Woah, looks like our former WTA No 1 has been silently fuming since Federer’s last comment about her just before the Australian Open. And to rub it in, JJ’s added a little praise for the “humble” Rafael Nadal. Someone sure knows how to get catty. 30-15.



[JJ] said she could not understand why Federer felt the need to hit out at women’s tennis while his great rival Rafa Nadal, who took over from the Swiss as world number one, was so “humble”.

“Why should he even care? I don’t like putting my nose in other’s business. I mean, one thing I like about Nadal is that he is such a great champion, he is so humble, always has kind words for everybody, he is a role model for everybody,” said Jankovic. “Federer is a great champion, I don’t want to get in a fight with him but why does he care, I really don’t understand. Why does he need to do that?”

Federer also led the charge against Jankovic’s compatriot Novak Djokovic when he quit because of the heat in his Australian Open quarter-final match against Andy Roddick.

“I’m almost in favour of saying, you know what, if you’re not fit enough, just get out of here,” the Swiss said.

Jankovic said Federer should not criticise fellow players. “I don’t think it’s nice to attack other players.

“If he retired, he probably had his reasons, he knows better. You cannot attack someone when you don’t have proof, when you don’t have a piece of evidence.

“There is no reason to offend him that way.”



Maybe because I’m a Fedtard, but I personally thought Roger was just articulating public sentiment when he pointed out that to be a legitimate World No 1, you really need to have at least one slam under your belt. From memory, it was a comment on the side when he was asked about Murray being the favourite for the Australian Open. The fact that Jelena took it as a personal attack is probably more demonstrative of her own insecurities.


Sorry to say Jelena, unpleasant as it may sound, for someone who’s been World No 1 for 200-and-god-knows-how-many weeks, winner of 13 grand slams who has never retired mid-match in his career, Roger Federer probably does have the moral high ground to comment on you and Novak. Your perfect response should’ve been an Australian Open title. 


Don’t get me wrong, I love JJ and all her glitters, but it feels like she’s done nothing but defend herself with talk, and talk, and … more talk since she took the No 1 position last year, to the point where she’s gotten a bit of a “persecution complex”. 



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6 responses to “Meowwwww. JJ joins the Federer backlash”

  1. Blue says :

    I have a feeling she was only told about his comments sans the context, like his ‘get out of here’ comments regarding Djokovic, hence her remarks. The media love to hype up such things, although I’m surprised there aren’t more headlines bashing Roger again.

  2. sliceofwatermelon says :

    Lol maybe the press are too busy with the Federer obituaries to bother with the Federer-bashing.

  3. dootsiez says :

    ^ Ha, why bash a guy’s seemingly “done and dusted”, as sports writers would have it? Don’t even get me started on the Fed obituaries.

    Blue, actually I was hoping the media would hype up Federer’s comments about Djokovic. It’s about time one of his peers spoke up about all his retirements. I’m sure in his mind, Djoker has a legitimate excuse each time, but when you’ve got a retirement record like that, you gotta reevaluate what sort of standards of professionalism you’re setting yourself.

  4. Blue says :

    You might be surprised to know there are some (not the main media) hoping Djokovic will achieve a ‘retirement slam’. He’s done it in all the majors except US open.

  5. Babz says :

    I thought I was the only one who thinks JJ is reaching a little too high by commenting on, er, Fed’s comments. After all, he is a guy that has won 13 slams and she? none. Rafa won 5 before he got the number 1 title, yo.

    Shut up and play tennis, JJ.

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