dootsiez’s youtube comeback

Some of you might’ve noticed my youtube account was suspended by some stingy arses last month. Never fear, dootsiez will not go down this easily. A new account is up under the name dootsiezreincarnated. And to start this account off, I’ve uploaded two amazing shots by Federer from the 2007 Dubai Championships. 



The second shot, which was between the legs, caused this reaction from Bracciali. Classic. 




4 responses to “dootsiez’s youtube comeback”

  1. Eve says :

    Oh good, I’m so glad to see this! I’ve really missed your old channel – particularly the “Champion” MV. It was beautiful.

  2. Blue says :

    Glad to have it back. I hope you make more vids.

  3. TopSpin says :

    I remember this! I seem to remember Haas pulling off a hotdog against Federer the very next day!

  4. dootsiez says :

    Aww thanks everyone for the welcome.

    Topspin, yes, Haas did it in the semifinal from memory, I have that shot also. Might upload that at some point. 🙂

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