“I’m your Venus… I’m your fire”

Excuse the Bananarama, and allow me to yell once and for all – “long live Goddess Venus”! As some of you may know, the Williamses were among my first loves in tennis, but over the years, things have faded a little between us. Right now though, I’m feeling an inexplicable surge for affection for Venus and Serena. There’s nothing like watching a beatdown by one of your favourite WTA players on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 


Never mind that she started the week looking very shaky on a new surface, in the semifinal and in the final against Pennetta, Venus was all groove and no funk. Now I know she’s not really known for her clay court prowess, and I certainly don’t want to jinx her this early in the season, but a non-grass slam – it’s gotta happen somewhere, right? And just look at her competitors. 



While we’re on this “Goddess” theme, Venus’s dress (appropriately named the “Goddess Dress”) which she has been wearing since Wimbledon last year, is finally ready for fashion retirement. Don’t get me wrong, I floved the dress in all its colour variations, but it’s been almost 8 months and 3 grand slams, I think that’s frankly too much wear for a single design. Bring on something new, please? 


In other news, Djokovic fans should all lighten up – their guy has taken the Dubai title in straight sets, playing the best tennis I’ve seen him play in a long, long time. That ought to give him plenty of confidence going into IW. But not before he faces the Clay Monster on clay for the Davis Cup. Oh yeth….


On the men’s side of things in the Mexican Open, Amalgro has taken out Monfils in the final. Didn’t watch the match, and frankly – didn’t care. As if the clay season isn’t long and dreaded enough as it is, we have to start getting “tasters” from late February. Urgh. 


In Delray Beach, Mardy Fish and Evgeny Korolev, better known to some as Anna Kournikova’s cousin, or simply to me as the-guy-on-the-other-side-of-the-net-during-this-point, are headed for a showdown in the finals. Having only seen Korolev play once, and that time being against Roger Federer, I know this guy only as one of the best ball-bashers on tour. Does he have what it takes against Mardy Fish, the game’s best answer to S&V? Me think not. But it should be a nice style contrast. 


For some off-court goss – all hail the weird Polish lady on youtube, who’s making me reconsider my choices in life, in particular my choice of career – the life of a professional stalker seems to be terribly exciting. But seriously, it’s so nice to have someone bring in news of how Sharapova’s doing with her rehabilitation, since her camp has been deathly silent on the matter, except for a few diplomatic “doodles” on her website. Weird Polish Lady, if you’re reading this, can you fly over to Dubai with your camera? 


Lastly, I’ve been working on my youtube account this week, reuploaded my MV, put up a peek at Baby Federer, the “baby’s bottom” half volley he did whilst trouncing Del Potro, and a compilation of his overheads counter-punch. Oh yeth…



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5 responses to ““I’m your Venus… I’m your fire””

  1. Blue says :

    I wish Venus would win more titles this year, it would be great if she won a non-grass slam too.

    And “baby’s bottom half volley?” Cute 😀

  2. freakyfrites says :

    Hi there! It’s fun to guess who will win Roland Garros this year because it could be almost anyone (obviously I’m talking the WTA tour here.)

    I agree, Venus is looking like a front runner now. But I’m also feeling Elena Dementieva. As much as we wonder when non-grass major will come along for Venus, I can’t stop thinking that a major’s gotta come to Elena at some point in her career. I think RG ’09 could be her place, her time. Amelie’s always a personal fave, but I’m sure she’ll go down to a Benesova or someone in the second round. I was on the Safina train for a while, but jumped off around the time she beat Cornet Down Under. Just sick of her escape artist tactics. And we can never underestimate Serena, but that knee injury is worrisome. And Maria? Too soon. Ana Ivanovic? Eh. . .I don’t think she has the mental strength to defend her title.

    Maybe I should have stopped at Venus. . .

  3. dootsiez says :

    Hey Blue, I loved the commentary, it was ridiculously disturbing, in a pedophile kinda way.

    Freakyfrites – I think Elena’s best chance at a grand slam would in fact be at Roland Garros. She’s obviously in the best form of her career right now, and with that pathetic excuse for a serve, she’s not obviously not going to get anywhere on grass. And the US Open? The US Open is for the Queen Bees of the tennis world. Elena is more like a bumblegum princess than an ass-pwning queen. Plus Elena’s actually very good on clay and obviously very comfortably playing Roland Garros. As for Amelie, Safina, Ivanovic or Maria? Pfffft. The first 3 are all mental and the last one moves “like a cow on ice… on clay”. Maria winning a clay court slam would really be the icing on the cake in an era of mediocrity.

    It’s early days yet, but my bets for Roland Garros – 1) Venus. 2) Elena. 3) Serena. I might Jelena Jankovic to the list depending on how mentally sound she seems during the clay season.

  4. freakyfrites says :

    I forgot all about Jelena! I guess her chances are as good as anyone’s.

  5. TopSpin says :

    Jelena at RG – you read it here first – how many times has she won Rome?
    I know the WTA is a bit samey right now, but Jelena it seems to me is best placed to win there. Her defensive style of play and ability to run balls down seems second to none. Although you have to love where Venus is, and Dementieva is still this years form player so who knows?

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