Testing the Waters

There comes a sad point in your existence when you realise how much of your time is spent in the virtual reality of the world wide web. I know I haven’t been good  with this blog over the last 10 days, but I’ve had ISP problems, not to mention the end of summer vacation means a return to the hectic lifestyle of a double degree, part time work, and volunteering. All this while appearing to enter that elusive nirvana state of work/life balance so that law firms can take it away from you when you graduate… of course, I come here not to complain.


What did I miss while I was cut off from the tennis world? Tennis Australia, God bless them, sent automatically generated emails to my Hiptop informing me that Australia beat Thailand in a fifth rubber thriller. Yes that’s right, we went 3-2 against Thailand, despair despair. Udomchoke, a player whose name evokes images of death by Japanese noodles, won just one game against Hewitt in the same tie last year, but managed to somehow upset Lleyton in the fourth rubber last week. Yes, the future of Australian tennis is just a shining  beacon of light, isn’t it? 


Switzerland lost, as expected, to the US of A. Oh Roger! But a little pat on the back for Stan for at least making it look competitive for a day.


The real surprise for me was coming back to Internetland and discovering that Djokovic had lost to Ferrer. No wait. Djokovic had lost to Ferrer in straight sets? I thought Dubai meant something, clearly I was premature on that. Of course Ferrer does well on clay, as most Spaniards do, and had the advantage of a home crowd, but that’s no excuse for the No 3 player in the world. Was this really the same guy who took Rafa to 3 sets at Hamburg last year? Didn’t see the match while I was cut off from the internet, but I doubt those who did would be able to come up with an excuse for Djoker’s loss. Keep facing the wall Nole. 


Nice to see that the Shrieker has decided to opt for doubles at Indian Wells in her carefully planned comeback to tennis. As much as I’d like her back in the original packaging, looking like she’s never been away from the tour to begin with, the reality is that the girl hasn’t played since Montreal last year, and I don’t expect her to just roll into Indian Wells without a fair degree of rust. Doubles would be a good litmus paper for how she measures up. Moreover it would give her some match play without the stress of singles competitive tennis. Good call, I think, by her team on this one, and I look forward to seeing a whole lot of swinging volleys hit in the name of “touch”.   😀


It seems that everything happens when I’m away. Oh my Lordy Lord, Roger Federer is actually working with Darren Cahill. Since when? Come again? 


And Indian Wells draws are out. Murray and … you guessed it, Roger Federer, are in the same half again. Oh yeth.


On the women’s side of things, it’s a lot less exciting for me without the presence of the Williamses. What does everyone think about Victoria Azarenka’s chances? Not at an upset, but at actually winning the tournament? I can’t help but think she’s due for a major breakthrough at some point this year. 


Finally, my newest compilation video on youtube, dedicated to those too-groovy-for-the-21st-century backhand flick passes that TMF does. 



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4 responses to “Testing the Waters”

  1. sliceofwatermelon says :

    Apparently they announced it last Wednesday. Probably explains it. I’ve been a bit out of it. But I doubt Cahill is gonna make Fed a new man. *sigh* I need my angst back to balance out my life.

  2. dootsiez says :

    Slicey – as far as I know, nothing’s been announced yet, except for some rumour that an Australian agency has confirmed the collaboration. Godsick apparently has also confirmed Cahill will be at IW with Fed, but it looks very much as like the sort of handshake agreement he had with Rochey and whatshisfacelastyear… Higueras. I’m not surprised, Fed’s never had the sort of commitment to his “coaches” as he has with Mirka 😉

    It amuses me how Federer caved in though. People have been talking about him and Darren Cahill for yonks.

    And yes, I need tennis to bring the angst in my life too. I can’t handle this much psychedelic zen. I can’t be this sadistically happy? 😛 😛

  3. Blue says :

    Federer has been wanting to work with Cahill for some time now. The timing was perfect though, we’ll have to wait to hear the details of the agreement. Or maybe they already have and don’t want to divulge.

    Would you believe ‘3’ articles in the last two days reported that Nadal is the defending champion at IW? Maybe they’re hoping it’ll be him this year or they’ve forgotten about Djokovic’s existence.

  4. dootsiez says :

    ^ I’m surprised at that actually, it’s much easier to mistake Rafa for the defending champ at Miami, since Davydenko is rather forgettable these days too.

    I always thought the Federer-Cahill rumours were a tennis myth. There was talk back in 04 that Fed wanted to work with Cahill, but the rumours were misguided, because he was actually after Roche back then. Ever since, the conspiracy theory would pop up every now and then. According to the Australian media today, Cahill has backflipped on the offer, because of family commitments. I’m not sure how much truth there is in that, it seems that every form of sports media is spinning its own tale on this one.

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