As boring as you like

How boring was Roger’s match today against James Blake? Mind-numbing.


After his surprise run over in Estoril last week, James Blake looked just about burnt out. Roger was in practice match-mode out there, zen faced, nonchalant. Mirka pretty in yellow, but utterly bored and entranced by her Blackberry. What else is new? But hey, if Roger wants to keep winning in straight sets, he can be as boring as he likes! 20 winners to 19 UFEs, 5 aces with 57% of first serves in. Could be better, but nothing majorly out of sorts for me to rant about. Like I said, boooooorring. 


Word is around that Koyla withdrew with a leg injury, so it’s Fed v Pandy Take 19. I do believe it’s their first ever meeting on clay? Should be interesting in a holy-shit-Roger-Federer-is-screwed kinda way … or routinely banal, as in a Roger-meets-Karlovic-on-clay kinda way. Take you’re pick and we gonna see.   


An underwhelming night of tennis all round. Murray v Robredo was full of disco fun for about a set. Robredo certainly had his fair share of chances, but alas – that’s the story of his entire career. Once the first set had been fought and lost, Mandy took control and Disco Tommy could dance no more. 


After insisting that Andy Murray has clay court potential a few weeks ago, I am starting to look like an idiot. Andy Murray does not look entirely comfortable or happy out there on this surface. Gonna stick with my initial judgment though: once Murray finds that aggression on clay, he could do some damage. But since Mandy is on Roger’s side of the draw, dootsie might have to sacrifice her good name and hope that she continues to look like an idiot. 


Djokovic v Seppi – the Djoker alternated between flashes of brilliance and mediocrity, clocking up 39 UFEs to 19 winners. But overall a fairly standard win. With Djokovic’s sudden surge of form of late, I don’t worry about him. Period. 


In an ever-changing world (and an ever-changing tournament), it’s nice to know that some features stay constant and constantly distracting …


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