For Juan Martin del Potro


Image via clickey.



4 responses to “For Juan Martin del Potro”

  1. Estelle says :



    WOOHOO he played awesome! I know he did

    26 ACES record

    and average serve was like 210km or something :D:D:D:D

    He has a big chance against almaggie

    he beat him in the other tournie a few weeks ago he has it in him Pilic did some magic! 🙂

  2. dootsiez says :

    Yay! Very happy Ernests got through 🙂 If he gets past almagro, I might even rethink his bandwagon suspension! Hurrah!

  3. Estelle says :

    Hahahahaha YAY!

    I’ll be happy if he gets off the bandwagon suspension! Do you know where you can find like a video or transcript of his press conference? Hmmm I hope so…

    I think he can get past Almmaggie i hope so anyway! Anymore fotos of Ernie where did you find it?


  4. freakyfrites says :

    YAHAHAHAH! Thanks for making me laugh.

    If you ever see him play live, I suggest you make a great big banner with that graphic on it. You’ll get on t.v. for sure!

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