RG Thoughts: Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.

Those who mocked and criticised Dinara Safina’s ascendence to the top of the game (myself occasionally among them) can now go eat dung. Dinara has lost one match in the clay season this year, and finished off poor little Anne Keothavong yesterday 6-0 6-0. A good start to her bid for Roland Garros I guess? 


It’s hard not to feel a little sympathy for Anne Keothavong though. Especially when she’s quoted as saying such endearingly sad things post-match. 


I’m not going to go away and slit my wrists. You have to find a way to laugh about it. What else is there to do? I’m sure there will be jokes about it, but I can take it.

From Twitter

One to forget. Dad keeps finding an excuse to knock on my door at hotel every 20 minutes- think he just wants to make sure I’m still alive!


Slightly disturbing suicide references. I’m with Boris Becker on this – it’s a tennis match, nobody died. Chill folks. 


Safina, on the other hand, doesn’t sound super-sorry for being the current ‘bully’ of the WTA. 


“When we shook hands, she said: ‘At least you could have given me one game’,” revealed the Russian.


Awww?! That’s right Safina, you could’ve left her one game, but you didn’t have to. The only thing more demoralising than complete pwnage is patronisation. 


While we’re on women’s tennis, Maria Sharapova fought her way into Round 2 yesterday with a 36 61 62 victory over Anastasia Yakimova. It doesn’t get any easier for the Pova though, she faces compatriot Nadia Petrova second round. Barring some fairly sloppy tennis from Nadia, I don’t see Maria coming through unfortunately. But you never know. I’ve become a big supporter of Maria during her long absence from the game, and wish her the best of luck in ladder-climbing her way back to the top. With that steely determination, mental fortitude and ‘let-me-rip-your-face-off’ disdain for her opponents, it’s not an impossible or improbable feat. Fight fight fight, Maria, fight fight fight! 



While we’re at it – check out Sharapova’s dress for Roland Garros. Asymmetry is the ‘new black’ it seems. 

I liked the amount of thought Nike put into the dress, but it sounded so much better in theory. The light blue petals have the annoying tendency to flutter behind Maria when she runs, and does nothing to flatter the Russian’s body. Might’ve suited someone more pear-shaped than her. 





Image Credit: EFE/Horacio Villalobos, REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol, Getty Images respectively. 




Some updates on the Aussies: looks like I shouldn’t have worried that no Australian would make it into the second round. Not only did Lleyton Hewitt channel his leech-like endurance to conquer Karlovic in 5 sets, two other Aussies were through overnight.

Jarmila Groth (formerly Gajdosova) beat France’s slam debutante Kinnie Laisne 64 63. Her prospects look brighter now as her potential second round opponent Anna Chakvetdaze lost to the Colombian world No.124 Mariana Duque Marino. 

Talking about upsets, also through to the second round, 17 year old Olivia Rogowska – Aussie wild card – upset Maria Kirilenko in straight sets, 64 64. Watch out for Tomic v Kohlshcreiber too. 


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2 responses to “RG Thoughts: Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.”

  1. freakyfrites says :

    I wish they’d stop going all “fashiony” on Maria (remember that weird “Audrey Hepburn” cocktail dress thingy at the US Open a couple years back???? So ice skater!) and just put Maria in something with clean, athletic lines. I remember that pretty white dress she wore when she was 17 and won Wimbledon for the first time – it was perfectly suited for her!

  2. dootsiez says :

    ^ Hi freaky, I generally quite like what Maria wears, her dress and gear at the Aus Open 08 was my favourite outfit of the year! It was simple but had a bit of details to keep it interesting.

    and yes to her outfit at the 04 Wimbledon, this is what I’ll always remember her by:


    but I agree, Nike goes overboard with her. Maria’s a pretty girl, she doesn’t need to be THAT dressed up to look gorgeous. I remember in 07 she had that dress with all those swarovski crystals. Now come on, we’re playing tennis here!

    From a marketing perspective, there’s not much point putting her in something that no normal person would wear on a tennis court either.

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