Fashion: flabbergasted.

Mon dieu! Has Nike gone bonkers? Is there anyone as un-pink as Rafael Nadal? And since when did pink go with yellow? Psychedelic turned un peu moche. (here’s to pushing the limits of my french vocab)



And deceived me. Turns out Roger’s not wearing the seaweed outfit after all, but a rather zen-vibed, sky blue version of the same design. Stark contrast to Rafa’s colour cocktail. Me likey.



More on the tennis another time. Right now, just enjoying the buzz of a grand slam once again!

(Rafa picture credit to; Federer image credit to REUTERS/Benoit Tessier)



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4 responses to “Fashion: flabbergasted.”

  1. Eve says :

    I do prefer the little little hints of flash in Roger’s outfit to Rafa’s out-and-out flashfest, it has to be said. Props to the Pink Gladiator, though, it certainly is a ballsy move.

  2. Blue says :

    ^What’s with Rafa’s bubble gum outfit?

  3. Pecas says :

    Rafa can wear whatever he wants, he pulls it off. Love the pink, the yellow not so much.

    Roger always looks practically the same to me. It’s getting boring.

  4. dootsiez says :

    ^ Hi tout le monde!

    Does Rafa pull off pink? Not so sure. He just doesn’t strike me as a pink person. Think I liked the yellow/white version of this better. There are other ways to spice up life than wearing pink.

    Pecas, Roger’s outfits are indeed getting a tad boring, Generally not a fan of him in blue because he wears the colour way too much, but I do like this particular shade of blue, and I like the orange details and how they match the jacket.

    I just wish he would wear something as striking as his purple AO 09 gear or the USO 08 red polo, both of which I love-love-loved. C’mon Rog, it’s a slam, let’s dress it up a notch.

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