Fashion Fun: Recommended Reading

Just a quick post of a few links for some harmless fun and amusing reads – 

French Fashion hits and misses: clickey

When Tennis marries Fashion, Spotlight on Roger Federer: clickey (eyecandies for all you hardcore fangirls/boys out there!)


Happy slamming tout le monde!

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3 responses to “Fashion Fun: Recommended Reading”

  1. Naf says :

    Yes, Del Potro is a mess. But what’s wrong with Sharapova’s dress? And, look, Rafa can wear whatever the heck he wants these days, can’t he?

  2. TopSpin says :

    Del Potro’s mess is in some ways more offensive to me than Rafa’s pinkness.

    I loved the outfit in that pale shade of turquoise he had on before (the one that Ouanna was wearing today against Safin)

    Monfils’ yellow version is a a let down and Del-Potro a complete mess

  3. dootsiez says :

    Hi Naf and Topspin,

    Sharapova’s dress works in theory, in reality the fit just didn’t turn out right. As many have rightly pointed out, it looked like a nightgown, Nike tried to do too much with it.

    Sure Rafa can wear whatever the hell he likes, doesn’t mean he SHOULD. I’m sure I’ll get used to the bubblegum wrapper, but that’s a different proposition to liking it. I’m all for colour but Nike just tried too hard. Overkill.

    I actually don’t mind what del Potro and Monfils are wearing at all, I think it’s more interesting than any of the duds that Adidas came up with, *yawn* and certainly doesn’t require me to get my sunnies out just to look at them a la Rafael Nadal.

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