Nails are not chewing gum.

No they are not. I need gloves for Federer matches, that’s if I don’t chew my gloves off too. Just look at Mirka. Girlfriend I feel ya. 


AP Photo/Christophe Ena


Tell me, Federer fans, did you think – just for a few games from 0-3 to 1-5 in the third set – that we could be looking at a shock upset? 


All I can say is that I’m so glad it didn’t turn into a Tipsarevic/Andreev/Berdych affair. I don’t know whether to commend Federer for the cool-as-cucumber comeback in the third set, or scold him for getting himself into that hellhole to start with.  


That’s right, talk to the fist. 


AP Photo/Christophe Ena


Try reading Fed’s face in the third set when he was down a double-break: was it lethargy? Boredom? A hint an annoyance? Arrogant calmness? Roger Federer has such a zen-face in his matches that you could probably infer an assortment of different emotions from his expression (or lack thereof). What you won’t find is panic, which was being played out vicariously in the living rooms of Federer fans across the globe.


The situation comically mimicked Andy Murray’s match the day before against Potato Star Ace. Both were down a double break in the third, both rattled off the next 5 games to take the third set. Their opponents so demoralised from losing their huge advantage that they just faded into an irretrievable brainfart in the fourth. 


Credit to Jose Acasuso though. I’ve only seen him once previously (against Federer at either Indian Wells or Miami last year), so it came as a surprise to me that he could play at this level and sustain it for so long. His whole strategy seemed to be based on becoming “Rafael Nadal right-handed”. Serving solidly, jumping around his backhand and pummeling forehands into Federer’s backhand until it broke down. Mixing it up occasionally by coming forward and pulling off some amazing volleys. A good workout for the Fed, especially given the huge hurdles ahead. 


Stats, for those who missed all the angst-ridden fun. 


Federer v Acasuso:

71% v 62% first serves

40 v 45 UFEs

72 v 39 winners

54% v 46% points won 


Surprisingly lovable numbers as a matter of fact. But the stats lie. It felt a LOT closer than that! 


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3 responses to “Nails are not chewing gum.”

  1. Blue says :

    I was only able to watch from the 4th set. I don’t know whether to be relieved that I didn’t watch the whole thing and risk bald patches on my head or regret seeing Fed comeback.

    “A good workout for the Fed, especially given the huge hurdles ahead. ” This is what I think, this match should help boost his confidence and prepare him better.

    How good is Paul-Henri Mathieu on clay?

  2. dootsiez says :

    ^ oh be relieved you didn’t have to live through it!

    It was a good fight though. Can now appreciate it in hindsight, even though I was shouting many obscenities at my computer screen at the time.

    Mathieu on clay? Hmmm … I’ve always seen him as more of a grass court player, although these it’s a bit of a BYO game on all surfaces. Hopefully the Acasuso match put Federer on alert for the rest of the tournament.

  3. luke_5 says :

    I’m looking for the picture of Federer “Talk to the Fist” in a bigger scale! Does anyone know where I could find it?

    Thank you…

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