Picket Fence Newsreel

So we’ve arrived at the business end of a grand slam now. Rafa fans are crying. Muzza fans have gone off to eat grass. Dinara fans want Cibulkova-blood. And Fed fans? Fedfans are

a) prematurely celebrating

b) prematurely freaking out

c) in a hole, traumatised. 

d) all of the above. 


Yup. We’re freaks, what’s your problem? 


So how about some non-slam related stuff to lighten up the atmosphere? 


1. Belated birthday wishes for two former Roland Garros champions this week: Justine Henin (27) and Rafael Nadal (23). It scares me shitless just to call Nadal a former Roland Garros champ. Hope I don’t get struck by lightning for it.


2. Also somewhat belated, congrats to Sania Mirza, who is engaged to an Indian businessman also named Mirza. Just a coincidence, nothing incestuous there. 


3. Justine had a nice present last week from the French Open organisers – an alley named after her. I hope there’s a highway out there somewhere for Roger one day. I won’t take anything with less than 6 lanes. 



4. The Forbes Celebrity 100 is out. And boy – did the WTA rule? 4 female players came into the top 100, with Serena at #68, Maria Sharapova at #76, Venus just one spot below her at # 77, and Ana Ivanovic scraping into the Top 100 at #90. On the men’s side of things, only one male tennis player made the list. But he’s a good one. Roger Federer is the 27th most powerful celebrity in the world, according to Forbes. 


Roger’s pal Tiger was the highest ranked athlete at #5. In case you were wondering who came first – Angelina Jolie took out Oprah. How did that happen? (Clickey for full list)


5. Err – I know we’re still on clay, but has anyone checked out the field for Halle? Novak Djokovic, Fernando Verdasco, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Soderling, Berdych, Kohlshcreiber … oh yeah, and that Swiss Whatshisface too. The Gerry Weber Open organisers should send a thank-you note to the Fed. He’s single handedly turned this somewhat minor grass court tournament into a legitimate rival for Queen’s. (Clickey for the players list thus far) 


6. Martina Navratilova calls grunters “cheaters”. I just included the quote because I like Roger. Moving on…


“Roger Federer doesn’t make a noise when he hits the ball – go and listen,” Navratilova said. “The grunting has reached an unacceptable level. It is cheating, pure and simple. It is time for something to be done.”

Source: clickey


7. They didn’t see it coming: the ITF planned their “World Champions Dinner” in Paris to present awards to this year’s recipients – Nadal and Jankovic, only to have the pair of them sent packing before the actual dinner. Rafa and JJ sent video apologies instead. Anti-climatic muchos? (Clickey to read more)


8. Mentioning apologies, I think poor old Mama Sneki deserves one. What kinda daughter are you JJ


JJ back in Belgrade after Roland Garros. 


9. And Fed Cup draws for 2010 are OUT. Golly gee – Russia drew Serbia. US to play France. Australia, for anyone who’s interested, drew Spain. (Clickey for full draw)


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3 responses to “Picket Fence Newsreel”

  1. freakyfrites says :

    OMG!!! That photo of JJ and her mom SLAYS ME! No wonder JJ’s mom was feeling under the weather – she probably threw out her back from being Jelena’s sherpa.

    Maybe it’s payback for all those early morning practice sessions in that empty swimming pool or whatever.

  2. Blue says :

    Hehe, I’m in the d. ‘all of the above’ category.

    Grunters are cheaters, huh? I wonder if she thought about the ATP too?

  3. dootsiez says :

    ^ Hi all,

    Freaky – JJ is the ultimate tennis diva ain’t she. I just cracked up at how happy and unconcerned she looked with her poor old mama pushing all those LV suitcases up a slope. Tsk tsk…

    Hola Blue – how about we get Martina to watch mixed doubles between Sharapova/Nadal vs Larcher de Brito/Tipsarevic. Fancy that. Yikeseys.

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