Tennis? What tennis?

Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from Wimbledon, can we stop the world for a day to mourn?


I guess not. Tennis goes on, so how about a post for two much neglected tournaments this week – Eastbourne and s’Hertogenbosch. 


What’s going on in Eastbourne?

Novak Djokovic has found himself a rival. Marion Bartoli celebrated her 20th career retirement yesterday (third this year) against Virginie Razzano by refusing to shake Razzano’s hand at the net. 


Sorry to any Frenchies reading this, I love many French players, Bartoli isn’t one of them. In fact, I kinda loathes her so much it energizes me. Sorry. I work in extremes of love and hate in tennis. Just watching her service motion makes me want to scratch my eyes out. 


One thing I will say about Marion though – she gives the best presscons. Actually, she might even beat JJ as the top whiner on the WTA tour. Sheesh, JJ has competition these days … 


Bartoli, who lost to Venus Williams in the 2007 Wimbledon final, refused to shake hands with Razzano before leaving the Centre Court.

Razzano had earlier accused Bartoli of underhand tactics, saying in French newspaper L’Equipe: “You get the impression that on court it’s okay by her to use any means to win: calling on the trainer, crying, limping.

Bartoli told reporters on Friday: “To say what she said yesterday in the French newspaper, that is not really brilliant. I guess that is just the way she is.”

Razzano, who beat top seed Elena Dementieva in the second round, warmed to the theme again in her own post-match news conference, saying of Bartoli: “She tries to do things to make your concentration drop. She can try anything to win. When you play Marion you need to prepare for everything.”

Source: Guardian


Watch the cattiness unfold. 



God I love the WTA.


In other news, Wozniacki def Wozniak 36 64 64. I want to commentate that match with Fred Stolle. What fun!

Mentioning C.Woz, she’s in her fourth final of the year – fabulous result of course. But also slightly Kuznetsova-like with the hit rate once she’s in the final. Here’s to hoping she lives up to her rankings and brings home the trophy. 


On the men’s side of things, Frank Dancevic grooved his way to the final with a 64 64 victory of the Magician. The Canucks must be uber excited with the performances of both him and Wozniak this week. Does anyone know when was the last time a Canadian won a slam? A title? If ever?





Taking a look at how Dancevic plays, you wonder why he’s managed to underachieve so spectacularly at the age of 24. 


s’Hertogenbosch…needs a name change.


What is it about Tamarine Tanasugarn that she disappears for the majority of the year only to resurface during the grass season? It was deja vu for Dinara Safina as she lost to Tamarine 75 75 in their Ordina semifinal (she lost to the same person at the same tournament last year). She due to face the Belgian No 1 – Yanina Wickmayer – in the finals. How far we’ve come. 




On the men’s side of things, why does Raemon Sluiter sound like a more exotic version of Rainer Schuettler? Well the exotic one is in the final, and last year’s Wimbledon semifinalist lost to Benny Becker. Must be the qualifiers’ week. 


We complain about the grass season being far too short, but you know what? Grass court tournaments, other than the Big W, are so mindnumbingly boring. Won’t be sorry to say “good riddance” once Wimblydondon is over.

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2 responses to “Tennis? What tennis?”

  1. TopSpin says :

    “Grass court tournaments, other than the Big W, are so mindnumbingly boring.”

    Other than Queens and Halle, I would have to agree.

    And more so for the WTA events; I thought last year was a one off with so few of the women taking part, but even with many of the top players showing up, they find new levels of mediocrity to surprise us with.

    It’s why I didn’t bother posting up any predictions. Other than teh Sisters and an encouraging comeback from Sharapova, it really is a level playing field, and not in a good way.

    I saw Bartoli not shaking Razanos hand and didn’t understand why; this article explains it, and I have to say I’m sorta with Marion on this one, though she does herself no favours by casting herself in what looks like spoilt unsporting light – I bet no one in that stadium reads the French press.

    As to Dancevic, I saw him play at the end fo 2007 and remember thinking the exactly what you say here. He was ranked #70 or something but his shotmaking was more top 40. Didn’t follow up unfortunately, but this win here is good – it’s about time Canada made their mark…

  2. dootsiez says :

    Hi Topspin!

    Halle was quite boring when Federer didn’t play. a bit like the WTA warm up tournaments without the Williams sisters. Queens of course always attracted a decent field.

    Yes, the WTA seeds went tumbling out in a less-than-spectacular fashion in Eastbourne, although some of them I suspect are tanks. No way Victoria Azarenka is actually injured.

    Trying to do WTA predictions is crazy at the moment, but I actually think Azarenka is a standout. There’s a few other girls out there who might make a Bartoli 07-like run to the finals too.

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