Manic Monday Tidbits: Andymonium.

1) I had a bizarre moment when I fell asleep during the rain delay in Momo v Dina, woke up early morning in Melbourne and saw that the Murray v Wawrinka match was still going. Whaaaaaaa


It’s only a matter of time before we screw tradition and bring
in the night matches.  


It sounded like a magical match, I only caught the last few games after I woke up, and can’t really say more until I’ve seen the entire thing. The atmosphere was electric, even with Dootsie all groggy and sleep deprived. A huuuuuuuuge hug for Stan, you and I can be friends again. 


I honestly didn’t think Wawrinka had it in him, don’t know why – his H2H against Muz is actually closer than the Fed v Murray H2H (from memory). That backhand is just completely ridonk and stinkfaced when it’s on. Well done to Mandy for slugging it out. At the end of the day, junk balls at this end of a slam just ain’t gonna cut the mustard. I’m glad he found some aggression in his game to avoid sheer chaos in Britain. He’ll pick up the serve and reduce the UFEs again in the quarterfinal and beyond no doubt. No pressure or anything.


Go Tim! 


2) As much as I’m not a fan of Ana Ivanovic, I don’t kick a player when she’s down. Nor do I wish her anything but health and recovery. Truly bummed that Ivanovic had to go out in that fashion, but equally happy with Venus’s performance in the first set, everything’s just clicking together for her. Nice hug from Venus at the end to comfort a distraught Ivanovic. Golly, I can’t handle her happy fists or her tearful exits. 




3) Serena Williams was scary against Daniela Hantuchova. Like, blow-you-into-oblivion kinda scary. Wimbledon is hers to win. 

On a slightly different note, I thought she dealt with this rude reporter very well.


Q. There’s been some controversy about the Wimbledon playing committee perhaps picking players for their looks rather than their tennis talent on Centre Court. They are saying that good looks are a factor with who plays on Centre Court. What do you think about that as an extremely accomplished tennis player who should be on Centre Court?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, I think Roger’s hot, but he’s married, so… 

Q. What do you think about it in regards to the female tennis players, though? 

SERENA WILLIAMS: Yeah, I have no comment on that actually (smiling). 

Q. Do you think it’s sexist?


Q. To put good‑looking female players on Centre Court, doesn’t matter whether they’re ranked 45th. 

SERENA WILLIAMS: Like I said, I have no comment on that. 


Yeah dude, why don’t you just come straight out and call her ugly? 


4) I love the WTA in all its bitchy glory, oh yeth I do. Anyone seen the infamous Bump-gate between Wozniacki and Lisicki? A visual reminder?



Or perhaps a musical reminder for extra Meow-Meow? 



It’s a pity, these two are actually quite good friends off court from what I’ve heard. I’m a bit disappointed with Carol’s performance at slams, but Sabine earned the victory, even if she so saw CWoz coming. 


5) Haas, Hewitt, Roddick and Ferrero in the quarters? Let’s partay like it’s 1999! 

Seriously guys, clap clap. Well done. Haas, Ferrero and Roddick all through in straight sets – didn’t see that coming. Wimbledon has got to be pleased they gave JCF a wild card.

I was getting a little freaked out by the fact that Hewitt had yet to lose a set coming into Week 2 – abnormality in tennis disturbs me. So at last, a sense of normalcy descended on my tennis universe when he came back from a two set deficit to win in 5 against the Worm. At the end of the day, Lleyton Hewitt will be Lleyton Hewitt. Somehow, I find it oddly comforting. 



Predictions? I always get mine wrong, but that’s all part of the fun: I don’t see Ferrero troubling Mandy. Depending on how well Hewitt recovers from his five setter, Roddick v Hewitt should be interesting. Roddick last played Rusty at Queens and came through in two tiebreaks, and no doubt he will triumph once again to move into the semis. As for Tommy Haas, I don’t see him scoring consecutive wins against Novak Djokovic, nor would it surprise me if he did. Don’t know how to call that one. Suppose I’ll go with the safer option – Djokovic… is that safer? 

Nothing’s safe at a grand slam. 


6) Less spectacular matches: Elena Dementieva and Novak Djokovic have made the most of their extremely cushy draws. Both their runs have been uneventful, but solid. Novak Djokovic is almost invisible these days. Court 3? Really Wimbledon? Karma will getcha. 

ARad ended Oudin’s dream run. She’ll get blown off the court by Venus, I think. I hope. But I like the girl, she’s no Martina Hingis, but she’s no Daniela Hantuchova either. She’s her own thing. 


7) Amidst a Monday of Mania, a player who lost in this very round 12 months ago faced allegations of cocaine use in front of an anti-doping tribunal.

According to Figaro, Gasquet’s defence relies on a Frenchwoman called Pamela, whom he met in Miami and “kissed several times”. If Pamela was found to be using cocaine that night, then he might be able to establish that the cocaine in his urine was found there ‘without his own knowledge’. Verdict is expected to be in the next two weeks.  

Gasquet has expressed that regardless of the ban, he’ll come back to tennis. 



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6 responses to “Manic Monday Tidbits: Andymonium.”

  1. TopSpin says :

    Hi Dootsie

    I can’t believe I missed out on that ‘bumpgate’ moment.

    On the whole though I just thought Carolines slow burning anger was her own undoing. I knew she was a little feisty and I quite like that but that was just plain immature, didn’t know she had it in her – she is after all only 19.

    Dr ivo plays Fed next – arncha scared!? I’m not detecting the usual amounts of fear, please attend to it at your earliest opportunity.

    Thanks for sparing a thought for young Reeshie – hope he gets off with a cursory slap on the – 2 years is way too long considering it’s the sane as what other offenders got in more dubious circumstances.

    • dootsiez says :

      Well if you like a little feist, then Caroline Woz is your gal. She actually got defaulted from the US Open as a junior for abusing one of the linesmen! Crazy.

      You’re not detecting the usual amounts of fear because I am slowly elevating myself into tennis nirvana. Totally zen.

      Okay no. I assure you my frazzle levels are through the Wimbledon roof right now. I’m just NOT MADE FOR TIEBREAKS OKAY? …. *deep breath* Back to nirvana! I can do this! ZEN.

      I dunno about Reeshie’s potential 2 year ban. Martina Hingis got that much, and there was less cocaine found in her urine than Gasquet’s. If they give him a slap on the wrist, there might be a bit of an outcry, and Hingis sure knows how to do outcries. I’d like Reeshie back though. I miss his backhand. 😦

  2. TopSpin says :

    Yeah there’s a typos – “WRIST” I meant – “a slap on the WRIST”.

    Also “SAME amount” not sane.

    Am I sane? Clearly hungover from Andymonium.

  3. Liz says :

    Re Gasquet – that must have been one hell of a kiss!

    Re Serena — I wish she could have slugged that reporter!

    Re Fed — GO GO GO!!!

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