Weekly Mosaics: Sexbomb Sexbomb. You’re my Sexbomb

Here’s looking at you, Radek Stepanek, in all your mutant sexbomb glory. (Czech def Argentina 3-2)



Oh yeth, it’s the Davis Cup again. Whose smart idea was it to play Davis Cup the week  after Wimbledon? 3 best of five set tournaments in 7 weeks, talk about an overkill. 


Spain def Germany 3-2.


Fact # 1: Feliciano Lopez is a bromantic. 

Fact #2: It is my lifelong ambition to be jammed in the middle of Spanish bromantics.  

Fact #3: In case you missed it, Spain won their fifth live rubber because Mosquito was awesome.



Fact #5: Nando doesn’t have a monkey face. *sad*



What’s a monkey face you ask? Stare at it long enough and it might wink back! 



Croatia def USA 3-2.


Fact #5: Marin Cilic wore a picnic blanket, and made a wonderful team leader.  

Fact #6: Nice guys can play crap tennis. Here’s looking at you, James Blake. Two sets to love up against Karlovic and still managed to lose the match, REALLY?



Israel def Russia 4-1


Fact #7: the Safin Heartbreak Train rolls on. Of course he couldn’t just lose in straight sets in the doubles rubber, he had to come back from 2 sets to love to take it to a fifth set, and then lose. That’s Marat Safin for ya.  

Fact #8: The Israeli Davis Cup team played such inspired tennis that a Hollywood biopic needs to be made about it. 

Fact #9: They’re NOT going to beat Spain at home in the semifinal.

Fact #10: Contrary to popular belief, these are not Federer fans. 



All images via Dailylife

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2 responses to “Weekly Mosaics: Sexbomb Sexbomb. You’re my Sexbomb”

  1. Liz says :

    I can see why the Worm reels in the chicks — it’s oddly compelling…must look away….

    Spanish bromance scrum — ah, I feel better now!

    Poor James! This has been a disastrous year for him so far.

    • dootsiez says :

      Liz! You mustn’t catch the Worm Disease, it’s a terrible affliction! I find looking at Mario Ancic pictures eases the symptoms.

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