Fashion: I hope it’s not sparkly.

So these are supposed to be Rafa’s shorts for the US Open. And the little dots you see are supposed to be yellow tennis balls. Umm … yyyyyeaaaahh? ‘Cause they don’t look like random sparkles at all.

Wait .. sparkles? I just had a Rafa/JJ fantasy.

ZOMG it has to happen. They would make the quirkiest, dorkiest, and most flamboyant fantasy couple in tennis town. 




Boy I hope the shorts look better than that in real life, the since rest of the outfit looks great!





Image via the fanforums on


6 responses to “Fashion: I hope it’s not sparkly.”

  1. girl from michigan says :

    Well, his AO kit had sparklies on the shorts. Clearly, he is man enough to show a little bedazzlement. Next thing you know he’ll be wearing pink or something.

    Oh wait….

    ~ come back Rafa we miss youuuuu! ~

  2. t says :

    i remember me and my friend sitting in front of the tv, pondering for the whole of nadals match – are those diamontes on his shorts???

  3. dootsiez says :

    ^ Hmmm I totally missed the sparkles on Rafa’s shorts at AO. Too busy buzzing over the fact that he decided to dump the sleeveless stuff. What’s Nike thinking with both Fed and Rafa? Baaaahh!

  4. diane says :

    it looks even worse than the cursed pink FO outfit!Ewwww!

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