It takes some serious skill to make Ana Ivanovic look this bad.

Apparently, this is going to be on the latest issue of Vogue. Umm?

I get that they were probably trying to go for the whole “independent, strong woman” look, but really – the fake tan, the pose, the man arms and the look of insecurity on Ana’s face … epic fail. 

Vogue photographers obviously have no idea how to handle a model who doesn’t look like a bunch of toothpicks glued together. 




UPDATE: Ivanovic was photographed in the annual Vogue Age Issue, representing the 20s.


Ana Ivanovic, 21, Professional Tennis Player

“Ana Ivanovic is very good for women’s tennis, and not just because she is good-looking,” says Steve Tignor, the executive editor of Tennis Magazine. “She also happens to be a nice, well-rounded person…The fact that she’s a normal person at the top of her sport is really rare—the normal people tend to get weeded out as they go up.”

Ivanovic photographed on the Deauville boardwalk in France in a cobalt Eres bathing suit. Fashion Editor: Lawren Howell.




Image Credit: Tennisforum


5 responses to “It takes some serious skill to make Ana Ivanovic look this bad.”

  1. sliceofwatermelon says :

    I do usually adore Vogue. Not in this case though. It’s like they wanted her to look manly and edgy. Have they actually spoken to this girl ever? :S

  2. diane says :

    Gosh….i almost want to vomit upon seeing this horrific sight!

  3. KC says :

    She’s not a good model period. She rarely looks good in model-y type pictures.

  4. Karla says :

    Either Ana Wintour was sleeping on the job or too caught up with Federer so this photo slipped into the pages of Vogue.

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