Weekly Mosaics: go thug yourself!

Mirror mirror on the wall,

Who’s the fugliest of them all? 












Yes folks, those are indeed the new mug shots the ATP put up on its website for their players’ profiles. Were the instructions “pretend the photographer’s Etienne de Villiers?”

Epic success.


Go-Thug-Yourself Honourable Mention: Fernando Gonzalez for his “big eye small eye” stare-down. 

Go-Thug-Yourself Third Place: Gilles Simon, for his drug mule impersonation. 

Go-Thug-Yourself Second Place: Jo-Willy Tsonga, for managing to make his face look so out of proportion that it’s medically alarming

Go-Thug-Yourself Grand Prize: Radek Stepanek, for perfectly capturing the sultry, sexy fug that the ATP photographer was aiming for. 


And congratulations to the photographer for making Roger Federer, who incidentally has the best skin, look like he has forehead acne instead of sweat beads. That takes serious skills. 


*rapturous applause*

xx doots


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15 responses to “Weekly Mosaics: go thug yourself!”

  1. Gracie says :

    You might also include Lleyton Hewitt, who looks very much like he was smokin’ his breakfast. In fact he looks kind of like he’s ‘waiting to exhale’ as this photo was snapped.

  2. evie says :

    How did they manage to make Blake look so horrendous? And is that Mario? Awful.

  3. breadstix says :

    The way they made some of the best looking guys on the tour look this bad is just incredible. Looks like they’ve all spent some time in a depression clinic, especially Rafa. :/ Aaah, and why’s Ernie’s face so darn shiny? Serious skills indeed. *claps*

    Oh, and I hate it that Murray’s mugshot makes him look like one of the better looking guys of the group. URGH!

    • dootsiez says :

      You’re right, Murray looks relatively good. The only fault I can find with his photo is that it made his forehead look abnormally large.

      But then, Andy Murray’s forehead *is* abnormally large.

      • breadstix says :

        Yeah… worrying, that, usually the bigass forehead’s least of his worries. Methinks it’s the absence of those sharp and pointy teeth.

  4. TopSpin says :

    “Fernando Gonzalez for his “big eye small eye” stare-down.” LOL!

    I get what you’re saying about Gonzo, but what about the freaks to his left!? :O

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nando adopt that “Ultimate Fighting’ look on the tennis court – be interesting to see what happens if he ever does.

    Robin definitely has that ‘high priest of doom’ thing going on that Rafa’s talked about.

    Two others that merit mentioning: Stanislas for his DIckensian thuggish Pub Owner/Landlord look; and Kohlschreiber, the only thug that managed a smile except that there’s something malevolent and ‘I savour violence’ about it.

    Also with you on Radek, I don’t think I EVER noticed those lips before!

    • dootsiez says :

      “Stanislas for his DIckensian thuggish Pub Owner/Landlord look; and Kohlschreiber”

      FAHAHAHAHAHA! Nailed it.

      PLEASE tell me you were being sarcastic about the Worm’s lips. How could you NOT have noticed them before? They walk on court before he does!

  5. TopSpin says :

    Let me also just get this in now, before I forget it: We NEED to have these converted to postage stamps.

  6. Lays says :

    Nando is the best!!!

  7. JFK says :

    Stan looks like he got in a fight.

    • jenica says :

      Yes.Stan did look like he was drunk and got in a fight.rafa looks like he is lost.and whats up with elf?he looks like a cartoon character.lol

  8. t says :

    love this post! i think we dont realise how bad the photos are until you put them all together and get that full effect…

  9. Christine C says :

    ATP=All Tough Punks!!!

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