Picket Fence Picspam: the Baby Quiz

With so little tennis to inspire me, it’s time for a bit of fluff with some baby photos I’ve collected over the years of tennis players. Sorry about the size and quality of some of these, baby photos are hard to come by! 

Guess who these cuties grew up to be? Go on! You know you want to.

Answers at the bottom 😀


1. (Left)

2. (Right)

Guess Who






4. the left hand kinda gives it away.








6. she looks the same, no?







8. sorry about the size of this



9. … and this too




10. You know who this is. Sure you do. 




11. Mommy gave me a bowl cut …








13. tongue in cheek! 








15. (Left)

16. (Right)




17. (Left)

18. (Right)



19. cutiepatootie




20. Oh, you dork. 




21. Is it a little mean to follow the photo above with this photo?


you beauty!

22. Guess who looks exactly the same?















26. the most photogenic kid EVER? 


future hottie


A few more of him, because I love this little guy. He makes me want to get preggers right now, and have super-gorgeous kids just like him. 







So how many did you guess right? The answers: 

1 + 2: Safin and Safina;
3: Cibulkova
4: Federer
5: del Potro
6: Hingis
7: Ivanovic
8: Wozniacki
9: Soderling
10: Nadal
11:  Roddick
12: Fish
13: Djokovic
14: Jankovic
15 + 16: Andy and Jamie Murray
17 + 18: Nalbandian and Coria
19: Blake
20: Henin
21: Dementieva
22: Clijsters
23: Gasquet
24: Zheng Jie
25: Bartoli
26: Wawrinka


Did you suck as much as I did? Or do you have a good eye for these kinds of things? Did cutiepie Stan make you fall in love with him just a little more? Admit it! You totally want to pinch his cheeks until they look like two swollen tomatoes. 


Ridiculously cute.

xx dootsie


Credit to the women’s tennis blog for some of the girls’ photos

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19 responses to “Picket Fence Picspam: the Baby Quiz”

  1. judy says :

    i got 12 right! tough stuff. stan rocks. thanks for putting this together- great fun!

  2. jenica says :

    i got 18 right.i missed Cibulkova,Fish,Jankovic,Nalbandian/Coria,Blake,Zheng Jie and Stan…..How could have i missed Stan ?Arggh!i

  3. TopSpin says :

    Sucked. Bigtime.

    The only ones I got right (Martina, Clisjters, Soderling, Henin, Woz, Nadal don’t count), were Mardy Fish, Bartoli (which I’m rather proud of), and Djoko (gotta love those Prince Charles ears).

    Also gotta lova Safins grandpa slippers…

    Henin: Now, now, we’ve all been there!

    Wawrinka and Blake are indeed the catalogue babies.

    But for some reason I find Ivanovic to be the most innocent looking.

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh fanks, now I’ll never look at Djokovic without thinking about his Prince Charles ears.

      Love little Ana, she grew up to be what I would’ve expected of her at that age too – innocent, sweet, but a little unsure of herself.

  4. EP says :

    I sucked big time…. I think I really only got Roger, Dement’eva, Soderling and Rafa right… I should’ve recognized Novak and Fish though. And Delpo. He looks the same.

    Oh well.

    I didn’t recognize Stan at all o.O He was a very cute little kid.

  5. breadstix says :

    Thanks for posting this! Oh how I sucked though, managed Feders, DelPo, Ivanovic, Sod, Rafa (didn’t really count), Djoko, the Murrays (just a wild guess with the Wimby shirts heh), Henin (only because I saw that photo before…) and Zheng Jie (woman hasn’t changed much has she? x3).

    How effin ADORABLE was ickle Stan? Bit gutted I didn’t get him, thought that expression of his in the second photo looked oddly familiar, but alas… He could trump ickle Roger in the cute department.

    Soderling looks identical.

    • dootsiez says :

      Sod did look identical, but he was all babyfaced with dimples. So. Wrong.

      Stan def trumps Roger in the ickle-cuteness department. I am ready to adopt him now.

  6. Eve says :

    Strangely enough, I don’t find baby Stan (or adult Stan) all that cute, tbh. I mean I like him (probably for selfish, Fed-related reasons) but idk, he’s always just looked a little…odd, to me.

    Blake is a stunning baby, though, and the enduring similarities between baby and adult Roger will never not kill me. The smile, the lipbite, the footwork, the little hand. Gah.

    Oh, and I think one of my favourite baby photos has to be that one of Rafa all dressed up with a hat and a little cane. The levels of ridiculous and adorable are too much to compute.

    • dootsiez says :

      I’m always amazed at that babypic of Roger. His poise, his left hand, his feet – he had that perfect balance even back then. He even bit his lip back then!

      *sigh* I guess this stuff just can’t be taught.

      I haven’t got that many baby pics of Rafa, but I love the photo I put up. I always imagine him sneaking out of tennis practice to go play arcade games, then Uncle Toni catching him red handed. Ahah!

  7. Liz says :

    What is funny is how much they look the same as they do now. I love the expression on Andy Roddick’s face! And Mardy Fish — I would love to pinch those chubby cheeks! Poor Justine — I think you must have gotten my middle school yearbook picture mixed up with hers.

  8. Blue says :

    I got most of it except 4, of course it helps that I’ve seen most of these pics before 😀 Cuteness overload *sigh*

  9. Tru says :

    Luv it!
    Totally didn’t recognise Roddick.
    Rafa still has the same interests… tennis and video games…lol

    Bookmarking this for future trouble making 😀

  10. Annie Lo says :

    Novak Djokovic’s picture is easy to guess!
    Now he looks the same as his childish face.


  11. Random Matt says :

    woohoo I got Hingis correct. I adored her when she used to play (I think I’m showing my age). I hated her hair cut for a while. Made her look too much like a dyke, but eventually I got over it and remembered I loved her for her tennis and personality and not just her looks (she also grew her hair back hehe)

    • dootsiez says :

      Funny how popular Hingis is in Australia. She was a sweetie, and a damn good tennis player. They don’t make them like her anymore. 😦

  12. dootsiez says :

    Ah, did no one get Nalbandian and Coria?

  13. Gifts for Dad says :

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  14. Thisisme says :

    OMG!!!This is the cutest stuff EVER!!!!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!Thank u sooo much for these!
    PS:Do u hav ne more pics of Andy Roddick like these??Can u please post them if u do??!Or at least temme where i can get them from…

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