WTT Mosaics: Ninjafied!

Azarenka WHO? 

Maria dumped her visor for a ninja headband at the WTT. The precarious state of normalcy in my tennis universe has been shattered.




In case you cared, Maria won all three of her matches matches:


Women’s Doubles – Julie Ditty/Maria Sharapova (NB) def. Eugenie Bouchard/Meghann Shaughnessy (KC), 5-2
Mixed Doubles – Sharapova/Kaes Van’t Hof (NB) def. Bouchard/Dusan Vemic(KC), 5-2
Women’s Singles – Sharapova (NB) def. Shaughnessy (KC), 5-4 (5-1 tiebreak)


With the tennis world still raising doubts over her comeback, the real point of interest was her press conference, where Maria defended her shoulders, her comeback and her self-believe for the gazillionth time:


I am a hundred per cent [recovered],” Sharapova said on Wednesday before making an appearance for the Newport Beach Breakers in their World Team Tennis match against Kansas City. 

“I mean, if I wasn’t at that point, I certainly wouldn’t be playing. That’s why I took my time and gave myself a chance to really go out there and to feel like I didn’t have any excuses.” 

…Sharapova said has never wavered in believing she would make a full comeback. 

“By no means was it easy. Definitely I had ups and downs,” she said. “I had days where I had to push myself more than I’ve ever had to mentally than physically.” 

“It all pays off. Obviously just getting to be able to play tennis again is an achievement in itself. Now it’s about preparing myself, forgetting about what I went through, getting back into the form where I was – and get even better.”


I’m amused at how “veteran” she sounded in the presser: 


“At 22, you consider you’ve been playing on the Pro Tour that many years, (a comeback’s) definitely not a surprise,” she said. “It is a little surprising to see so many girls kind of coming out of the woodwork, and they’re so many years younger than you. You’re like, Where did the time go?” 

“But I enjoy every single year of it. As I get older, I become a much wiser person on the court. I learn a lot in life. I learn a lot from my profession, from what I do. I’m definitely not sad that the years are going by.” 


Ah, Shazza, you’re not that old. But wise I’ll give ya, since you managed to sound like you were 30 at the age of 22.


Dear Tennis Gods, 

Be nice. Give her a good hard court season.



xx doots



5 responses to “WTT Mosaics: Ninjafied!”

  1. judy says :

    the more i watch maria, the more i respect and admire her… especially her fight and mental toughness! she usually looks elegant and pretty too. not crazy about the headband though, she looks best in the visor and i don’t even like the headband on azarenka either. just not a great look for women imo. they need to rock the visor like ana 2.0 and elena.

    not sure where else to comment on this, but I LOVE your new polaroid header!

    • dootsiez says :

      Hi Judy! I agree, there’s a lot to be admired about Maria Sharapova, it’s a pity that most people don’t look past her appearances to realise what a tough cookie she actually is.

      I don’t mind the headband, it’s very retro 90s. But I don’t think it looks “Maria”. Or Azarenka for that matter. Gisela Dulko looks great in it, although … Gisela Dulko looks great in everything.

      I love polaroids, figured it’s time to quirk up my header a little 😀

  2. JFK says :

    Not a big fan of the headban on her, I prefer when she wears a visor or tiara. I hope she has a great hard court season!!

  3. Christine C says :

    Sharapova is 22!!!! thought she was older.

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