Quotable Quotes: oh yeah, Wawrinka’s doubles partner…

Fancy my surprise this morning when I picked up my morning papers only to find a supplementary glossy magazine with Fed on the cover. My perfect tennis universe just approached nirvana.

The photos were from the Vogue 2007 shoot with Annie Leibovitz but the interview was recent. Don’t have time to type up the whole thing – it’s a 5 page spread, but the piece was focused on Federer’s “comeback” since his “slump” earlier this year.


Roger spoke with the editor of Sport&Style, Nik Howe, about what it means to have won more grand slam titles than any other male tennis player. “It’s reassuring to know that you can make your dreams come true with money. But my fantasies are all about tennis.




“I knew my chances of winning (after Nadal lost) had got better, it was definitely a bonus”, Federer tells me as we speak after the French Open. “But I wasn’t hoping that Rafa was going to lose. That’s not my style. What counts is that people continue to respect Rafa for what he has accomplished. Winning four times in a row at Roland Garros is an incredible feat.


The writer/editor, Nik Howe, sounded like he needed me to pour him a glass of Kool-Aid, writing in the editorial that the article was a homage to “salute the return of the king”.

Wow, even I don’t write like that.


Federer’s greatest victory may be the one versus himself – versus that excessive personality he was able to rein in and control to his advantage. “It’s much easier for me to accept losing now, ” he says. “I used to have a tendency to cry a lot and be very disappointed”. But he admits that this “heavy anger” towards himself is never far off.


Hmmm a “heavy anger”?  Sounds Safin-esque. But I guess the difference between the ways they’ve each dealt with that anger is 13 slams.


The rest of the article focuses on a lot of stuff that more devoted tennis fans already knew. Roger talked briefly about Mirka, Peter Carter, Anna Wintour, and owning six cars! Being a magazine called Sport&Style, it did focus on fashion a bit:


“Fashion helps me understand who I am a little more”, Federer says of his elaborate Nike wardrobe at Wimbledon. 

But he is quick to point out that he has not become some sort of sporting show off. He’s a regular guy with the intelligence to reach his goals and manage them.


Fed on his vices, or lack thereof:


Federer is not known to be a big drinker and he has no obvious vices, except maybe card games. He says he can eat whatever he likes because tennis players burn it off but “I eat as healthily as possible”.

He went through a heavy metal period with a penchant for AC/DC, as well as a video game addiction, one he shares with fellow sports royal, Tiger Woods. He has a tendency to select himself as his character in tennis video games.


Well duh. If there were videos games with Dootsie as one of the characters, who else would I want to be?

AC/DC. The Fed is full of win.



8 responses to “Quotable Quotes: oh yeah, Wawrinka’s doubles partner…”

  1. judy says :

    great stuff, as always. is there any way you can scan the entire fed interview? i along with many other fed fans would love to read the whole thing, especially since we are eagerly awaiting his next tournament. thanks for considering to help out us folks who live elsewhere and are completely jealous! 🙂

  2. Eyanne says :

    Hi dootsiez,

    AWESOME blog. I just spent my entire morning (well, the one hour since I’ve been up anyway) trawling through your blog and I’m not even close to halfway done, yippee! As a fan of the Mighty Fed, your blog is wooo hooo for me!

    Just want to ask, which newspaper is that? Seeing you’re based in Melbourne and so am I, I gotta get my hands on that 😀


  3. YMD says :

    “It’s reassuring to know that you can make your dreams come true with money. But my fantasies are all about tennis.“

    After reading that line, his wife’s fantasies involved wanting to throw a frying pan at his head.

  4. JFK says :

    Great interview, I love how he picks himself when he plays video game tennis!

  5. Blue says :

    Oooh, thanks for posting this!

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