Roger Federer back to business?

Koubek and Roger’s idea of practice.


Stefan Koubek’s spilled that he had planned to train with Federer from last Tuesday to Saturday. (Clickey).

Since I haven’t touched German for about 6 years, I enlisted Google translate and did a bit of editing. To any German speakers, correct me if anything was lost in translation.


Tomorrow, it’s back to a training week with Roger. And I can’t wait the hard court season.


And I have the best training partner in the world to prepare for the coming big weeks: tomorrow, Tuesday, I’m going to a training week with Roger Federer in Switzerland. The week in Sardinia before Paris apparently suited him as much as it suited me. Even though I must admit, he got more out of it than I did … 😉 

We’ve been discussing our second joint training week for almost 3 weeks, only with Mirka’s delivery date, everything was uncertain until recently. But since the twins have arrived, it was certain. I’m going tomorrow, will train until Saturday …

Posted on the 27th July.


So I’m thinking the tournament organisers in Montreal are feel just a little more happy these days than two weeks ago.



While we’re on the topic of Fed, it’s obvious beyond my comprehension why anyone would want to comfort Fed-haters, or any haters really, but this makes me want to jump up from my couch and yell “suckers!” in the most smug and evil way.

But I’m pretty sure there’ll be Karmic retribution for that. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Karmic retribution against my perfect tennis world order is just around the corner. All the more reasons to gloat while I still can. 


xx Doots

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15 responses to “Roger Federer back to business?”

  1. breadstix says :

    When was that first pic of Roger from? I laughed. Hard.
    And ditto on that tennisx article, heeh!

  2. EP says :

    I really hope Roger decides to comes here and play… *sniffles*

  3. YMD says :

    The first pic is the personification of the troll that every child is convinced lives in their closets or under their beds.

  4. jenica says :

    Appreciate your german translation.At least i get the gist of it,thanks to you.
    I liked the first pic.It really showed that Roger is friendly with some of the guys.
    And about the Haters.Their pain will last longer than they anticipate so i suggest they stack up on boxes of antacids and bitter pills to alleviate their long

  5. Tashi says :

    Honestly Roger, just tell me if your playing or not. Don’t toy with me.

  6. Mia says :

    Sorry, haters, but I can’t feel your pain.

  7. freakyfrites says :

    YES! I really hope he’s going to Montreal. Just because I love the photos of Roger in front of the Rogers Cup logo 🙂

    Thanks for this story and translation. I stole it!

  8. girl from michigan says :

    Yikes! that first pic is absolutely scarey-hysterical. I love it.

  9. JFK says :

    Yay! I’m glad Roger is practicing with Stefan again. And as for the article about the Fed haters, all I have to say is hatred kills the hater.

  10. Wilson Tennis says :

    Roger ist the beste player. I love it and the Wilson Rackets.

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