Pillowsgate: like, we hate rich people, okay?

For those who don’t spend their time browsing through tennis fandoms – this is where Roger Federer has been reportedly staying for the last two years during the US Open.

If you’re interested in staying there yourself (rich bastard, you!), the room will set you back about US$3000 per night, so I’d steal the pillows if I were you.




I know it’s supposed to be lux real estate and all, but really, that is one fug hotel room. I mean, there are mirrors on the friggin bedposts. Disturbingly kinky to say the least.




Not to mention, the living room carpet kinda makes my eyes water:




For someone who likes her room to look more like a flea market than a boudoir, I’d personally never consider anything like this, but hey, if it’s your thang …


Thanks to Federernews for the heads up, and the Observer for the pictures.



9 responses to “Pillowsgate: like, we hate rich people, okay?”

  1. breadstix says :

    Holy crap@the second photo. I’m surprised Fed doesn’t get dizzy just looking at the room. Mehbeh it’s some sort of mental training.


    (hehehehe, monogrammed pillows…)

  2. Daphne says :

    i think it’s good overall, esp the black bed sheet. the mirrors and the carpet ruins it however

  3. Tashi says :

    Good Lord, that’s fug. The decorator needs fired, ASAP.

  4. rae says :

    The most tasteful thing about that suite is the monogrammed pillows.

  5. Liz says :

    Maybe Roger uses the carpet for his footwork drills!

  6. icelollypalooza says :

    Euch, it’s so tacky.

  7. Mia says :

    The article did say Roger uses the other, smaller room to sleep in and not the on with the, er, leopard print rug and mirrored bed poster. The rug in the receiving room gives me a headache.

  8. Blue says :

    It’s making my head spin. Nice pillows though.

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