LA Picspam: talk about a perfect tennis universe…

Let’s see? Slammin’ Sammy beat Ana Ivanovic, Masha Fierce survived a three-setter against ABond, Zheng Jie did my ancient ancestors proud and took down the Real World No 1. Not to mention – Zvonareva and both the Rads are still in the draw – just in time for live streaming.

Seriously, Tennis Gods, why are you being so good to me? Are you just sweetening me up before you deliver the blow? That’s it isn’t it?! You cruel, sadistic pranskters. 


I loved the fact that Zheng Jie took down Dinara Safina. Nothing against Safina. It was just oddly satisfying to see a small Asian girl topple the pinnacle of Big Babe tennis. Me? Living vicariously through Zheng Zheng Jie Jie? Am not!

Without seeing any of the matches (and WHY WASN’T THIS BROADCASTED?) I can’t say much about Safina’s loss, except that surrendering a 4-2 lead in the final set to lose the match 75 46 64 is just so-bloody-Safinesque.

Oh Dinara, of all the qualities you could’ve shared with Marat… 



It was revenge time for Masha Fierce, who recovered well after losing the first set, and squared things with ABond, 46 60 63 .

The double faults stats are still a hot mess, but the girl’s into her fifth quarterfinal in six tournaments, which is more than I can say about anyone in the top 5 right now. 

When Maria Sharapova lines you up with her racquet, you know she’s shooting to kill.



It was a day of sweet revenges, as Sam Stosur also scored a victory over Giggles. It’s fair to say that it’s no longer considered an upset when Ana loses to Stosur. They’re both in the top 20, Stosur’s in the best form of her career, more motivated and calmer under pressure. Ana the exact anti-thesis. Still, I didn’t expect to see a 63 62 victory in just over an hour. 

Don’t know what’s going on with Giggles, but that should not be the face of someone who just lost. At least have the decency to look like you care.



Less time on golf courses and more time on tennis courts, dearie. 


Even more good news to add to my perfect but fragile tennis universe – Rafa’s practing in Montreal, looking rather solemn – as Rafa would.

Dude, how can you possibly look that serious when you’re skipping? Adorbs.


AP Photo/The Canadian Press,Graham Hughes


Ivanovic photo credit: GOTOTENNIS – if you’re starving for some proper LA coverage, then get your ass over there. Go on!

Other images via Daylife


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5 responses to “LA Picspam: talk about a perfect tennis universe…”

  1. TopSpin says :

    I’m a big Zheng Jie fan. For both her game and her charitable endeavours. To be quite honest I’m a little put out that she wasn’t able to follow up after that Wimbledon semi last year. I had kinda hoped she’d have made the top ten by now.

    Even so both Stosur and Zheng, are doing doubles players proud right now.

    As for Ana, I know what you mean, it does seem careless and a little crass; I just think she’s trying to take the pressure off herself in the way she thinks is best – I do think its a better way of dealing with things than the tearful anxiety she’s tried for long enough. At least for the short term.

    • dootsiez says :

      Stosur and Zheng have had the best transition from doubles to singles, if only more doubles *specialists* would consider playing singles.

      I never bought the argument that people can be too nice/sweet/happy to dominate in tennis, but I’m beginning to suspect this is the case for Ivanovic.

  2. penny says :

    “Don’t know what’s going on with Giggles, but that should not be the face of someone who just lost. At least have the decency to look like you care.”

    zoom in to the zits on her forehead. hee.

  3. Lays says :

    suck this Bondarenko!!!!


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