Practice Mosaics/Spotlight on Jojo: Eye Candies. Yum.

Jetting half way across the world can’t be that exhausting, as birthday boy Roger Federer took the courts looking fresh, happy and fit. 



As the Montreal Gazette’s Open Court blog reports, the Fed showed little sign of rust, getting back into the groove of things quite quickly out on the practice courts. Agent talk has it that Fed’s been training a lot. We already knew that, thanks to Koubek.

The same blog also mentioned how “scary fit” Fed looked. No kidding – the NY Times interview with Federer reported that he’s shed about 10 pounds from March to May, perhaps a reason for his improved mobility.


Of course it’s not just the Fed working his butt off over in the land of Canadia, even Marat Safin’s putting in some effort to look like he still cares. And who ever managed to get Simon and Safin in the same shot – that is just way to much McDreaminess for me to handle.



Not to be outdone, Jo-Willy looked just as dandy in his slogan tee.

After a disappointing result in Washington, Jojo sat down with L’Equipe for an interview, where he talked about his goals for the rest of the year – 1) to break into the top 5, 2) to qualify for the Masters (currently 14th in the race) and 3) to lose more weight.

Jo-Willy also mentioned an interesting “transition phase” he’s going through now: he has recently changed racquets and set himself a progressive weight loss target.

Without revealing his exact weight, Jojo admitted he currently weighs much less than the 91kg listed on his ATP profile, all thanks to his changing metabolism. He is striving to lose even more weight, but to do so gradually and “intelligently”. 

And it seems that even despite his recent losses, Tsonga fans have plenty to smile about: for the first time in his career, the Frenchman is injury free in August – a part of the season that usually sees him sidelined. Currently ranked No 7, with the added bonus of him defending next to nothing til the end of the US Open, you gotta like Tsonga’s chances of qualifying for the Masters again.


Closer at hand: Tsonga is in Federer’s section of the draw in Montreal. Should they both progress far enough to play each other, I might not even care who wins that one.

Just enjoy the eye-candyism of it all. As Dick Enberg would say, ‘OH MY!’


Hop over to the Montreal Gazette to read more! For excerpts of Tsonga’s interview, visit

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6 responses to “Practice Mosaics/Spotlight on Jojo: Eye Candies. Yum.”

  1. JFK says :

    I like that color turquoise on Roger

    • dootsiez says :

      I like the colour too! I’m kinda sick of Roger in blue, but this turned out to be a nicer shade than it looked in online stores.

  2. Tashi says :

    Why does Roger insist on cutting his hair? He needs to keep it at 05 length. So pretty.

    I’m so excited! Finally get to see Roger again!

    • Tashi says :

      I’m replying to myself, yes. =P

      But I got so excited about Roger I forgot to say how yummy Marat and Jo Willy look.

    • dootsiez says :

      ^ hehehehe. Last year he kept it longer than this, which was glorious.

      I mind either way. The current length kinda reminds me of USO 06, adorable. Plus I’m superstitious and want him to keep it the same length for good luck.

  3. Alex says :

    I like the part that said Fed looks “scary fit”. Bad news for the field.

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