Pic Spam: dude that’s not even a proper Monkey Face

I don’t know what is it with Montreal and its pre-tournament fashion shows, but as always, they’ve managed to produce some epic fugs for our amusement. SUCCESS! 


Exhibit A:



Novak Djokovic continues to flaunt his aversion to clothes and his non-carpeted body.

I’m going to be a total prude about this – clearly I’m the only one in the tennis world who doesn’t automatically equate “shirtless tennis player” with “smexy”. In this case, it was more like “C-list celeb”. 


And you thought that was the low point: all kinds of other eye sores showed up at the party – pinstriped suits and floral shirts were a common sight; Nando had hair growing out of the side of his neck, Toothface sported a receding hairline to honour the Prince of Whatever. 


Collective Exhibit B:



But never fear, you can always trust Rafa and “Robert Pattinson” to save the day.



Crisis averted! The ATP is beautiful once more. Mostly.


xx doots


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5 responses to “Pic Spam: dude that’s not even a proper Monkey Face”

  1. Tashi says :

    Rafa looks pretty. [sigh] And he played doubles sleeveless. I have never been a fan of it but it was nice to see the biceps in all their tanned and toned glory again.

  2. girl from michigan says :

    Novak = cheesy porn star

  3. Liz says :

    Yes! A big blech to Novak’s picture. His robe looks like it got stuck in his panties. And the shower shoes!

    Maybe it’s the orange background color that’s contributing to all the fugliness.

  4. RiCH says :

    “you can always trust Rafa and “Robert Pattinson” to save the day”

    …and Joaquin Phoenix pre-rapper phase. Ugh. Sue me but I’d take Nole’s manscaped body any day. Like, today in fact.

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