Montreal Day 2: Canadian Tennis – it, like, exists or something.

How do you say “GO TIM” in Canadian? 

I didn’t expect any of the Canucks other than Dancevic to put up a decent fight in Montreal. Ironically, Dancy was the only one who went down not with a bang but a whimper. 


REUTERS/Christinne Muschi


Djokovic def. Polansky 6-4, 7-6 (6)

The match was wrapping up as I woke up here in Aus and from the little I saw, Djokovic was playing error-strewn tennis, at times looking frustrated that the crowd wasn’t on his side. But that’s Nole for ya – not exactly a player with a lot of security.

But it’s his first match since Wimbledon, so I’d cut him some slack as long as he ups his level later in the week. I need Djoko to prevent Toothface from robbing the No 2 spot. 


Federer def. Niemeyer 7- 6 (3) 6-4

A bit of an ambiguous match and the reports tend to fall into two categories: some reporters and commentators positively purred at Federer’s performance, while others thought Roger struggled throughout the match against a guy ranked outside the top 400.

The reality falls somewhere in between – for it was actually quite solid.

Roger served unbelievably well, and was never really troubled throughout the match. But at the same time, Federer had the occasional heavy feet and very little rhythm until the end of the second set, when he produced a few of his usual “complimentary wow-wow shots”. It ain’t breezy, but it sure as hell ain’t bad either.  

Credit to Niemeyer though – the guy was playing some pretty gutsy tennis, and why wouldn’t he? When this was effectively his swan song in front of a home crowd against the world No 1. A fairy tale ending to an unremarkable career. 


Warm fuzzies: Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Best moment of the match was the happy embrace between the players after the match. It gave me the warm-fuzzies to see Roger let Niemeyer soak in his home crowd’s applause, before walking off with him together.

What a sneaky arrogant asshole! You know he’s just campaigning for his next Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award. 


Gonzalez def Raonic 4-6 7-6 6-4.

Who is Milos Raonic and why was he so friggin good? 

Tough for the 18 year old Canadian that no one’s ever heard of. He played some fantabulous, composed tennis, had match point on Gonzo during the second set tiebreak, only to lose it in three sets. 

An admirable effort by the Babyface, he sadly reminded me of Gulbis two years ago. And if he keeps playing at that level, I’m going to have to learn to spell his name.


Murray def. Chardy 6-4 6-2.

Nothing more to say about this: best first round performance out of all the title contenders this tournament, which doesn’t say much about what’s to come of course. 

There is more than just the title at stake for Murray in Montreal – he will overtake Nadal as the world No 2 if he wins the tournament, or reaches the final with Rafa losing in the semis. 

Sorry to any Muz fans, but for the sake of normalcy in my tennis universe, Toothface cannot be World No 2. NO.


Ferrero def. Hewitt 6-1 6-4.

Didn’t see this one at all, but it seemed that Hewitt was bothered by a leg injury he sustained last week in Washington. JCF is still solid since Wimbledon and has a decent chance of being seeded for the US Open if he continues to play great tennis. 

I could be reading too much into these presscons, but this was just awkward: 


Q.  Have you been watching Kim’s comeback at all?



Last unrelated tidbit – It’s the 12th August, which calls for a chorus of “happy birthday” to the other GOAT – Pete Sampras. Funny how Federer, Laver and Pete were all born within four days of each other. Now that’s good company.


xx dootsie


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8 responses to “Montreal Day 2: Canadian Tennis – it, like, exists or something.”

  1. breadstix says :

    “Toothface cannot be World No 2. NO.” — Amen to that. *bows*

    Thanks for the round up, really quite helpful since I managed to miss all the matches, pretty much. xD And happy birthday to dear ol’ Pete whilst I’m at it.

  2. sliceofwatermelon says :

    You remember what happened last time Rafa was in danger of losing his #2 ranking? Yea I wouldn’t be too worried…

  3. EP says :

    We Canadians aren’t good at tennis… That’s why we watch Roger. Mind you… even if we WERE good at tennis, we’d still watch Roger. Hard not to watch something so perfect, you know?

    And as much as I don’t want Muzzy to be no. 2, I don’t want to encourage Rafa too too much just in case he goes on a tear and wins the US Open or something…. that would be… a tad devastating…

    • dootsiez says :

      hehehe EP, it wouldn’t be “a tad devastating” if Rafa won the USO. Of course I’d like Roger to win it, but if he couldn’t, Rafa’s the second best choice, no? Better than Muzz winning the USO, no?
      For me anyway. 😀

  4. judy says :

    great wrap up! after reading your post, i agree with the warm fuzzies at the net at the end of the fed-niemeyer match and you are probably right, sneaky bastard! actually it is awesome how fed did not walk back out onto court post win and wave the racquet in thanks, as he normally does. he was letting the canadian have his moment! as if we didn’t love you enough rog, geez!

    • dootsiez says :

      Yup, if the ATP were a high school, Roger would be that uber-nice guy who wins all the votes for school captain, and then beats everyone in exams.

      Annoying little bugger.

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