Quotable Quotes: Unwonkified.

It appears that Ivanovic is shortening her service motion: 


Q. It’s difficult when you change your serve later in your career. Well, not later, but after years of playing one way. 

 ANA IVANOVIC: Yeah, well, I’m so confused right now it doesn’t matter. I changed it — in the past two months, I changed it lots of times, five or six times, just trying to figure out what feels most natural and what is gonna give me the most power and most consistency. 

 Hopefully I found it, because I just tried it on practice the other day and it felt pretty good straightaway, so hopefully it will stay that way.

Q. Why did you change it in the first place?
Q. Because you had a good serve.

 ANA IVANOVIC: Yeah, I had a really good serve. But then I had some issues with the ball toss. I think it was just at the moment, because I was maybe tight in one of the matches. You know, it just happens. 

But then I start changing it and I started making a big issue out of it. The more I thought about it, the more pressure I put on myself trying to hit the perfect serve instead of just relaxing, so it went down the pipe pretty far. 

Just happy that now I’m feeling, you know, a lot better with it. Obviously, you know, ball toss, it’s gonna be off few times. But it’s just normal, and now I feel confident to stop it and to start again. 


Ana Ivanovic has been full of zen in her presscons lately: she’s relaxed, and seems to be enjoying her newfound independence after parting ways with her longtime coach/physical trainer Scott Byrnes. 

I think it’s a good call. Ivanovic has kinda morphed herself into this fragile little girl on-court over the past 12 months that I think having a bit of independence might actually toughen her up. 




3 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Unwonkified.”

  1. Tashi says :

    I’m not a fan of hers and her crazy squealing/twirling/fistpumping thing she does but I would like her to not look absolutely miserable and lost on court, so good for her.

  2. Ana Ivonovic Fist Pump says :

    Why hate me? I make Ana look adorable.

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