Montreal Shocker: Myla, it’s all your fault!

No I kid, I kid. 😀


The winning streak ends at 21. Kinda had a feeling that Fed might go out to Jo-Willy if he’s not careful, but I didn’t expect it to happen by a meltdown of Hantuchovan proportions.

Fed! What kind of an epic choke was that? Up 5-1 in the third with Jo-Willy floundering around, and Roger somehow managed to lose concentration enough for Jojo to get back in the match. From then on, it was complete Shankville, ending with a double fault on match point, not to take anything from Jo-Willy, but really, the third set was handed to him on a silver plate. 

Roger, what’s with these ATP tour results? Who are you, Serena?




Usually, I’d be in a state of total angst, but I still haven’t wiped the smile off my face from Wimbledon and the French Open.

Get to Cincy early dude, and practice practice practice. Given that it’s the first time the Might Family has travelled together, I’m not surprised that he’s a little listless. 


I don’t see Tsonga pulling off an upset against Murray tomorrow – Murray for one isn’t going to implode. And I haven’t seen Tsonga take it to anyone since one of his Djoko-bitchings earlier in the year.

It does make my allegiances easier – Tsonga, Rafa and Roddick. And if Murray wins, it has to be discounted because he didn’t have to play Federer, right? Yeah haters, you get what you give. 




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24 responses to “Montreal Shocker: Myla, it’s all your fault!”

  1. breadstix says :

    I can’t seem to get ‘good things don’t last’ out of my head. 😦 Wouldn’t have minded that much if he wasn’t up double break and then double faulting on match point. I hope he doesn’t go back to his pre-Madrid ways for the rest of teh year…

    To compensate my pissed-off’dness, I shall stay up ’til 2/3am to watch Rafa and Del Pony. Yes I shall.

    • dootsiez says :

      I know what you mean breadstix – it’s the way he lost, and not the fact that he did. Didn’t think Fed was capable of such an epic implosion, clearly I was wrong!

  2. EP says :

    I take full responsibility. It’s all my fault. I have a serious aura of fail about me that results in every sports thing I watch failing. I thought Roger and I had worked out an agreement when he won the US Open last year….. *sobs*

    I’m so sorry =(

  3. Liz says :

    What happened? I’m still in shock….

    I’m in the Anyone But Murray club. Even the Djoker would be better than that! It would be nice if Tsonga won — a non-top four player for a change!

    • dootsiez says :

      Hmm I’ve heard about the ABM club quite a few times lately! Well the tournament is Murray’s to lose now, I hope for a Jo-Willy miracle … but I probably hope in vain.

  4. icelollypalooza says :

    Tsonga you better win tomorrow!

  5. Tashi says :

    I left the match at 5-1 Fed because I had to get home(3 hour drive, goody!) and then I get a text from my friend saying he lost and I almost threw the phone into the highway. Ugh, I’m pissed off. I know I should be a little more understanding but I’m not. 5-1 Dude. 5! 1!

    • dootsiez says :

      Tashi – BEST. STORY. EVER.

      Hahahaha! Sorry to giggle at your misery. In a year’s time, you’re going to laugh about it!

  6. sazzylove says :

    its ok dootz…Jojo is an alright player.its not actually a big big upset since Tsonga is in the top 8…..

    so there you go ROG……go practice some more and well wait up for you in Cincy!

    • dootsiez says :

      Ah I don’t mind the loss to Jo-Willy. I’m just so annoyed at the way he gave it away. Roger needs to stop hanging around Marat.

  7. JFK says :

    When Roger was in the 5 setters with Haas and Del Po I made a pact with the tennis gods, that if Roger won the French Open I would never ask for anything again. So I’m not sad about this loss. Jo is a great guy.

    “yeah haters you get what you give” lol. you’re so right.

    • dootsiez says :

      JFK – I’ve made too many of those pacts! The weirdest one was when Roger was down two sets to Haas at Roland Garros, and I was coming home from work, I said “hey Tennis Gods, I’m going to give $5 to this homeless person, okay?”
      I got home, and Roger was closing out the fifth set!

  8. Mia says :

    Am not frazzled. The upside being, hah, the h2h with Andy won’t get worse. At least Roger got some match practice in. Honestly, even if he stinks in Cincy, I’d still be fine. It’s the USO that matters.

  9. freakyfrites says :

    I do think my attitude has a lot to do with Roger’s opponent – a loss like this to Murray, Nadal or the Djoker might have sent me into a tailspin. But honestly, it doesn’t bother me. He did better than last year and will probably do better in Cincy, too. And last year he won the US Open. Let the other guys wear themselves out while Roger rests up for best of 5!

    What’s happening to me????

    • dootsiez says :

      Great minds FF! I was just wondering what’s happening to me too! Have we lost our touch as Fedophiles?! Why aren’t we in a state of angst?!

  10. Daphne says :

    why is it always myla this, myla that? what about poor charlene?

    • dootsiez says :

      Poor Charlene, neglected because she shares a name with Kylie Minogue’s character on Neighbours.
      I’ll be sure to send some love her way too!

  11. Blue says :

    Wasn’t expecting that, somehow I’m not that disappointed.

    “And if Murray wins, it has to be discounted because he didn’t have to play Federer, right?” Lol!

    • dootsiez says :

      Blue, we’re losing the plot! We should be disappointed, depressed and fretting over Roger’s future! Victory’s gotten into our heads!

  12. SJ says :

    I am still pissed with Federer, i was so pissed that i didn’t even finish watching the match, once it got to 0-40 at 5-6, i couldn’t bare to watch as i had been so used to seeing Federer win for the past couple of months, i see him loosing in the second round of cincy, he has some kind of weird best of 3 sets mental problem where he just bottles it if he is stretched to 3 sets, i hope he goes far in cincy because i can’t bear to see Murray close the gap between them. If i was Mirka i would slap him really hard and make him hire a psychologist and a permament coach, i wanted Rog to get revenge on Murray but i don’t think he’s ready yet judging by the way he is playing at the moment.

    • dootsiez says :

      I know SJ. I was very mad at him too. But considering he only decided to play last minute, I don’t think he was mentally prepared for matches. Still in practice mode!

      Cut him some slack, and make him do extra diaper duties 😀

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