Montreal Day 6: CHANGE… pisses me off.

Because he’s earned it, just like Dinara Safina has, I’m going to give Andy Murray a pat on the back for becoming the new World No 2. Clap clap, well done, yay for you, kudos…

Andy Murray could be No 1 by the end of the US Open if he wins in both Cincinnati and New York, which he could. This is supposed to be his best surface and favourite part of the year after all. 

But it pisses me off just the same. The fact is, in tennis we hate having slamless people near the top of the rankings. In the event that Andy Murray fails to win the US Open, expect me to unleash all the crap that we’ve been giving Dinara Safina over the past 6 months on Muz. After all, he’s unleashing dystopia on me: 




Spare a thought for Novak Djokovic, who won the Australian Open, Indian Wells, Rome and the Masters Cup last year, and came 3 times within a match of the No 2 spot. Granted, he lost all three, and deservedly stayed at No 3.

Spare a thought also for Rafael Nadal, the strongest No 2 we’ve ever had. If Djokovic is complaining that he was born in the wrong era, so should Nadal – it took him the mammoth effort of 5 grand slams to finally ascend the No 1 spot. And he now resides at No 3 with 6 slams. 

Not Murray’s problem of course, so no more sour grapes from me for now. As Serena Williams would say: “Andy Murray deserves to be No 2. He won Miami, Qatar and Queens (laugher)”. 

Now go win Montreal or something. Or maybe lose to this guy: 




Only saw the end of the third set in the other semi between Roddick and Del Potro, which del Poop won 4-6 6-2 7-5.

I don’t know how they played in the first two sets, but from what I saw in the business end of the third set, Del Poop displayed maturity and composure way beyond his years. Respect. Even if that respect doesn’t, and will never, extend to an admiration for his game. 



xx doots


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26 responses to “Montreal Day 6: CHANGE… pisses me off.”

  1. SJ says :

    I’m very annoyed, i swear if Murray becomes number 1 especially if he doesn’t win a slam then not even roger can persuade me to watch tennis… two grand slam chokers at number 1- urgh i hate the thought. I don’t want Murray to become number 1 by winning the US open because it all seems too quick and he might just pull an ivanovic- win a slam + become number 1 at the same time, then play rubbish tennis. Even Federer had to win 2 slams before he became number 1.

    Del Potro was lucky that he won today, Roddick momentarily lost his concentration at the begining of the second set and at the same time Del Po upped his game. If only Roddick’s return on match point hadn’t gone out…There is no way DelPo will beat Murray. Federer needs to find a way to win cincy so that he can create a gap between him and murray.

    I hope Nadal gets better soon because i’m not keen on Fed and Nadal meeting in the semis-neither is Fed.

    • dootsiez says :

      SJ – the good news is that Murray is the defending champ in Cincy, and Roger’s defending close to nothing there. He only made third round, so assuming he gets past third round (looking likely to be Stan at this point), he’ll be gaining points anyway.

      Of course, none of that matters if Federer can’t defend his USO title.

      And I don’t think you need to worry about Murray turning into an Ivanovic. He’ll more likely turn into the next Nadal than the next Ivanovic. 😉

  2. Tashi says :

    I’m gonna hate when Rafa/Roger end up on the same half at the US Open. Because it’s gonna happen. That’s how the tennis gods roll. GRRR!

    • dootsiez says :

      I know Tashi! That’s what I was thinking too. Total Karma – that semi (if they both even make it that far) would pretty much kill me.

  3. PJ says :

    Doots, WORD on every single word you wrote. I am all AHHHHH at the thought of Rafa at no.3 and Mandy Pandy above him!!

    Is there any way Rafa could get back to no.2 at USO seedings? How well must he play and how much must Mandy suck?!

    Sigh…boo hoo day. Was hoping for A-Rod v Tsonga and got the exact opposite urghhh

    • dootsiez says :

      Hey PJ, I’m not sure of the exact maths. But I think Murray basically has to lose first match in Cincy and Rafa to win it for the seedings to stay the same, since Rafa’s defending a semi there.

      The Olympics points basically screwed Rafa over. Grrr…

  4. JFK says :

    My whole universe is upside down.
    I like Muzz, but It’s supposed to be Rajah and Rafa at the top. I’m so sad. Sad for Andy losing today. Sad for Rafa losing to Del Po. Sad for Tsonga.
    RIP Fedal Era July 2005- August 2009

    • dootsiez says :

      Hey JFK, save the “RIPs”. Who knows what’s going to happen in the next few months? 😀
      For all we know, Roger and Rafa could end up as the top duo again by the end of the year.

  5. Julie says :

    I think you’re a little too hard on Delpo’s game Dootsiez. Quite frankly, I’d rather watch him any time then watch Murray *not* play and still win with his defensive and vaguely passive-aggressive style of play. At least Delpo take some chance and go for the winners when he can. Murray will just rally and bore you to death! In a perfect tennis world, the Tsongas of this world should never lose to someone like Murray! How Fed managed to lose to this guy is besides me!

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehehe Julie, you’re my name clone!

      I may be hard on Delpo’s game, but my problem with it is just his amazing lack of variety, and anything resembling a style. Delpo is as about “stock standard” as it gets. Granted – he’s very good at the stock standard stuff that he does.

      As for Murray – I’m not a huge fan of pushers in general, but I will give Muz credit – he’s one of the most crafty players out there, and does have shotmaking abilities. He just bugs me because he 1) chooses to push when he’s got the potential to do better, 2) behaves like a miserable prepubescent boy on court.

      • Julie says :

        lol Call me crazy but I did think Delpoop was a cute name for Delpo. True his game lacks variety. I wish he could get some spin on his groundies (he hits them a little too flat for my liking) but I believe he will add to his arsenal. Look at Roddick. Never in a million years I thought A-Rod could do more than serve his way out of every match. Now look at him trying to rally and coming to the net (if only my memories weren’t still filled with his past appealing on-court behavior!). I think I’ll give Delpoop a couple of years and see if he can develop a more appetizing game. I just love him to pieces. I’m a big LOTR fan and I have this whole fantasy constructed around Delpoop as Legolas’s less attractive but much more intense litle brother … (he does look like an Elf people!).

        And concerning the Muzz, he reminds me of myself when I was in secondary school. For some reason, I sucked at physics. I was pretty good in math, chemistry, bio (anything science) but for some reason physics got the best of me. My teacher told me repeatedly that I had all the tools and the smarts to kick physics’ ass but I just never applied those tools to good use. Same for Andy, yes he has the skills, he shows hint of being a really crafty shotmaker but 95 % of the times, I’m just seing soft balls and defensive plays. He is not that interesting to watch. And it’s easy to see how Fed could be so annoyed by his game. How his oponents managed to not hit the ball as hard as they can right in his face (preferably the mouth!) I have no idea!

      • dootsiez says :

        If del Poop decides to develop his game, it’ll be a welcomed change for sure. He’s young enough to do it as well. I used to hate Federer for many many different reasons, (shocking I know!) and he’s proven me wrong on each and every one of them. So I’ve been known to eat my words and hop on a bandwagon when I see something convincing. 😀

        And I know what you mean about Roddick, he’s added so much to his game, especially at this stage of his career. Excellent work ethic that guy. And unfortunately, like you, I still remember some of his past behavior on court, especially at last year’s Australian Open. But he’s doing an excellent job at erasing those too.

  6. cindy says :

    I prefer Delpo than the wily and boorish Murray.Hopefully his ass gets chewed out by the former tomorrow.

  7. mgasol says :

    dear doots,

    i’ve been following your blog eversince i found out that you are a federer fan. i mean, it takes major guts to love RF in a world of Fedtard hatred cough*fortydeuce*cough. however, your blogging would’ve been perfect for me if not for your hatred..or maybe hate is too strong a word…let’s just call it indifference, for del Potro… i mean, how can you not like del potro, who’s just the cutest, most adorable active player there is.. with major armguns to boot… i do hope you’ll see it my way,. dootsie, i really do..
    and can you please refrain from calling him delpoopoo.. it might hurt his feelings.
    anyway, thanks for your wonderful blog, you never fail to make me laugh.

    fedtard/delpofan (if such a preposterous combination of love is conceivable for you)

    • sazzylove says :

      Count me in as a Delpo admirer,mgasol….spare dootz…to each his own…and as for braving the odds of the so called FEDhaters….(to which i can say is vastly low in percentage as compared to FEDlovers) they dont stand a chance.And the one you namedropped who is a closet FEDFAN and a FEDtard and a copycat at the same time is just a nutcase.Creating a blog on to which she can vent his angst and whatnots and accepting comments of those who kisses her ass but denying those who begs to differ and shutting her up..Pretty coward don’t you think? All blab all bite. Truthfully Cant take the heat.Pathetic.

      So nice going here DOotz…..Witty intellectual and pretty interesting post……Keep it up.You are keeping us entertained

  8. dootsiez says :

    ^ Umm … wow. Let’s leave other bloggers out of this. 😦 This whole pro-fed/anti-fed business make us sound like politicians.

    mgasol – you misunderstood me. del poopoo is an affectionate name. It really is! I call Roger “Federpoop” sometimes too! 😀
    I like the word poo, not so much “shit”. Now if I was calling him del Shitshit or something, that’ll be different… 😉

    And please don’t think I hate del poop. I don’t. If you’ve read much from this blog a while back – I actually think he’s an adorable person. Everyone knows he’s a sweet boy with a big heart. But like I said in my post, my admiration never goes far as his tennis, which I find to be monotonous, and the antithesis of the style I like. And that’s a matter of personal taste that I’m not going to back down from. It has nothing to do with hating/loving a player, and I’ve certainly never written anything hateful about him, except for calling his game boring, which I believe it is, until he makes any attempt to add more to it.

    Each to his own as sazzylove said. =) Thanks for the blog-love though. 😀 Appreciate it!

    • mgasol says :

      dootsie, i understand where you’re coming from.. it’s just that, it would’ve been nice to have a blogger who loves both delpo and fed, 2 of my most favorite players today… i mean, fortydeuce adores delpo but has much fedhate, YFB has lukewarm affection for fed but loves delpo, while you, don’t care much for delpoopoo (as you so fondly call him) but unabashedly proclaim yourself a fedophile… anyhow, i guess i just have to follow EVERYBODY’s blogs to satisfy my tennis cravings, 🙂 and yes, sazzylove is right, to each his own.. but it wouldn’t hurt to dream a little, no?

      • dootsiez says :

        Hehehe, so you’d like your own custom-made blogger huh?

        I know where you’re coming from. One of the great things about blogs is that everyone does have different tastes, which makes it so much more enjoyable/infuriating to read than just your normal AP or Reuters match report. 😀

  9. mgasol says :

    p.s. sorry for the namedrop thingie, didn’t mean to disrespect anyone…xoxo

  10. breadstix says :

    Dystopia… *nodnod*

    I can’t help but think just how unlucky Rafa is. He was (and is?) possibly the best player by far this year until his knees called it a day. Just before Wimby, even being the Fedtard that I am, I said that I didn’t want Roger back at #1 because it’s just felt so… inappropriate. And now for Rafa to drop to #3 a year after overtaking Father Fed? To that snaggy toothed scot? *shakes head*

    That said, I think Muzz’s playing the best out of the top 4 atm, and it’s paying off. Urgh. I’m gonna be praying for the speedy return of Rafa’s knees and Roger’s um… marbles. :/ And hope that, ffs, they’re not in the same half at USO. Srsly. I’d cry.

    Hehe, and just to comment on the whole del Poo nickname thing… I somehow end up with more nicknames for the players I like than those I like less (oh, bar Murray. *coughs*). I ❤ jmdp, but: Del Potty, del Potface/Pothead, del-boy… And don't even get me onto Father Federer… 😉

    (Ooops, got a bit long…)

    • dootsiez says :

      Yay to nicknames!

      I like “Del Potty”! 😀

      And Feddypoo. Papa Fed. TMF. Feduruh. R to the F. RFed. And when Fed loses, I usually just resort to “piece-of-adorable-shit”.


      • breadstix says :

        Aaah, he is just all kinds of adorkable. I get so potty-mouthed just watching Federpoos play… my way of showing love? :D”

        (And doesn’t Father Fed make him sound like a priest…? /easily amused)

        • dootsiez says :

          Hehehe I thought Father Fed made him sound like a priest too. Papa Fed sounds adorable though.

  11. roadrunnerz says :

    You and me are likethis on this one. Love this blog and the nicknames just make me smile. Nicknames rock. I think the players would get a laugh out of them too.

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