Picket Fence Vids: the Colour of Porridge, and all that jazz.

In case you didn’t see this in the comments section – I thought it deserved more airing space. Thanks to FortuneCookie for posting the links. 




*is dying* Fast forward to 4:50 for this one. 



Died happy,

xx doots


2 responses to “Picket Fence Vids: the Colour of Porridge, and all that jazz.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Haha,glad to be of use! 😛
    They’re so so funny,ironically I saw one of the comedians on the 1st vid at Wimbledon this year,in front of me in the pizza queue,oh the claim to fame haha!
    There’s like another Mock The Week big Wimbly discussion up somewhere on youtube,but don’t think I have the energy to find it!They covered US Open final last year as well,am imagining that’s probably up too…
    The choice quote from that is from the Scottish guy (Frankie Boyle):
    “Andy Murray is such a miserable bastard,if he got too close to the umpire’s chair he’d hang himself off it!”
    And then there was one about Federer,his nose,and how effective he might be at 3rd base,but more info on that is SO not needed! 😉 I remember the audience laughing LOADS,but clearly thinking “oh he did not just go there…” lol

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