Cincy Finales: Matches from hell.

Given how much I liked each of the semifinalists in Cincy, I thought I was in for a weekend of funky tennis. 

Instead, it was a weekend of mental midgets, who played such gloriously bad tennis that it was actually good.

And the most important thing? JJ won. Dootsie painted her nails black in honour of her muse.




Cincy Semi: Safina def. Pennetta 6-2 6-0.

When you’re on a 15 match winning streak, losing may come as a long sigh of relief. Flavia looked like she had nothing left in the tank after scoring a string of big upsets in the past few weeks, and if you don’t take it to Safina, she’ll open the bakery for business

That’s unless you’re in a final against her. Then she’ll probably just wander around listlessly calling herself a chicken, before double faulting her career into disappointment.

Yeah, I think I may have transferred all my dark Safin rage onto Safina.




Cincy Semi: Jankovic def. Dementieva 7-6 0-6 7-6.

Watching this match reminded me of sitting through Bruno recently with a few friends.

30 minutes into it, I wanted to stab myself in the eye with a pen. But once you live past that low point, it suddenly hits you how marvelously hilarious it was.

JJ edged out the first set in a tiebreak, and went off to Nole-land for the next set, as Elena D dished out a bagel. The Canary Girl woke up in the third again, and looked prepped to win with an early break, and later 3 match points on serve at 5-4 40-0. But six consecutive breaks of serve took us to another tiebreak, in which Dementieva got herself 4 match points at 6-2. 

But it appeared that no one wanted to win this one and face the “Real World No 1” in the final. Elena went demented and wasted all her match points. And JJ, left with no option but to win, took the match 8-6 in the final tiebreak. 

The tennis was craptastically fun, and it was only fitting that Drama Queen JJ came through after a roller-coaster match. 

It left me wondering though, what happened to Dementieva’s Wimbledon serve?

 I feel cheated.


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Cincy Final: Jankovic def. Safina 6-4 6-2.

It’s occurred to me that Jelena Jankovic is probably one of the few “pushers” I like. She just seems to move in such a fluid and feminine way.

Not much to say about the final. Safina’s the World No 1, she’s been in better form this year, she was fresher after her clinical semi – she should’ve won. But she didn’t.

As for JJ, her little trip to Dubai after Wimbledon seemed to have done her a world of good. She’s back to looking like a happy little canary. And while that dress might’ve had frills in all the wrong places, on JJ, it looks … just about right. 




Oh yeah, Toothface won too, beating del Poop in 3 sets. But you either 1) already knew that, or 2) don’t really care about the world sans Fedal


Kinda likes hell,

xx doots


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7 responses to “Cincy Finales: Matches from hell.”

  1. Tashi says :

    She won! JJ won!! I hope this means she’s back for good. =D

    I was really pulling for del Pony on this one because he showed so much guts and great play. But he was just out of gas by the second set TB. Good showing though and congrats to Fangs.

    • dootsiez says :

      Tough for del Pony. He’s had too many long three set matches against the top five in the last week or so. If you let up just a bit against Muz, he’ll sink his fangs in.

  2. JFK says :

    Fangs? I like that name. but does this title count? I meant he didn’t have to play Nadal, Nole, Federer, or Roddick for the trophy. LOL . Just kidding. Congrats to Muzz.
    I’m really glad to see JJ back.

  3. TopSpin says :

    Was Jelena’s semi really that craptastic – I didn’t see quite all of it, but it felt fantastic to see Jelena moving in that ‘fluid and feminine’ way once again.

    I’m liking Murrays move to #2. For the time being. I think he’s earned it. I think Britannia has too, having waited for briternity. (I’m sorry, I’m in a funked up zone today).

    Not at all sure it will last once Nadal gets all musclebound on us again. 😛

    • dootsiez says :

      Briternity? *facepalm*

      JJ’s semi started alright, but the second and third set just looked like no one wanted to win. I’m happy she played this week overall though 😀

      As for Muz, sure he’s deserves it, as much as Roger deserves the top spot at least, but so much of it is also dependent on his results at the US open. His slam results this year hasn’t exactly … impressed me. Although his non-slam results are fairly convincing.

  4. YMD says :

    I thought the USO seeds are done by ATP rank?

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