Quotable Quotes: Oh Potato Nose, don’t ever change.

How do you know when a slam is coming up? When Fed and Toothface start paying each other backhanded compliments.

Yowzer. Murray v Federer: Love-Fifteen, in so many different ways. 

Good ol’ Federpoop, always quick to point out that Muz has “almost won everything there is to win [on hard court] except …. let’s say US Open and the Masters”.

That’s right dude! Soften him up with what looks like a compliment, then deliver the blow, right at his teeth.


Q. What do you think of Andy Murray’s rise to No. 2? Clearly that’s due in no small part that Nadal has had injury problems this summer. Are you impressed with the progress he’s made? He’s defending champion here, and won another Masters Series. Do you see him as another big threat in the weeks to come?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, I think he announced himself when he won here last year in Cincy. From then on, he had an unbelievable run, especially on the hardcourts. He’s almost won everything there is to win except, let’s say US Open and the Masters. He’s done really well. Doesn’t come as a surprise to many people now. 

Of course Andy and myself have both benefited of Rafa being injured. We both took advantage of it. I won both majors and he won Toronto now, or Montreal. He’s done really well. I think it all comes down the US Open for him. If he loses early, he’s not very happy having won here and then losing there. He’s doing well, and I expect him to be a tough opponent in the future obviously.


Murray has been essentially the favourite to win a slam since the US Open last year, but funnily enough, every time someone brings this up, Federer decides that he’d rather talk about the Roddicks or Davydenkos of the world instead. 

The guy’s slightly delusional. But then again, with 15 slams, you’d think the delusion’s done him well. 


Q. Is he your biggest threat in New York?

ROGER FEDERER: No, I mean, if you look at last week’s draw, so many guys are very equal, I think, right now. I mean, the finals was close, for instance. I think there’s many guys who are beating each other right now. I think it’s quite interesting dynamics right now.


Meanwhile, allow me to interrupt the proceedings with practice picture of Federer … sleeveless and double-handed. Who else is traumatised for life? Don’t know what happened to the head, I sure as hell didn’t eat it. (Courtesy of RF.com)


Double handed


Q. You and Rafa have been setting the standards for so long. How healthy for the game do you think it is to have Andy Murray there splitting you two up?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, I don’t know how much it really changes, to be quite honest. We all know Rafa was injured, so he couldn’t put in the fight he wished to concerning the rankings. Now he’s back, you know, I’m back playing again after a few weeks. Everybody seems healthy again, and that can only be a good thing for the rest of the season.

I think stories come about very quickly in tennis, and he’s definitely a good story right now. We’ll see how the next few weeks play out.


He’s definitely a good story right now? We’ll see how the next few weeks play out? Can I get a collective “ooooooh”?

Because you know that’s just Roger’s potato-nosed way of saying “Just. You. Wait.”


Oooh-ing and aahh-ing,

xx doots


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17 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Oh Potato Nose, don’t ever change.”

  1. Mia says :

    Since Dubai last year, Roger and Andy have been paying each other backhanded compliments. I sense some kind of “tension” underneath the polite exterior of both. That kind of saddens me a bit because I like Andy (yeah, Doots, I know you don’t like Toothface). Of the Top 10, I think Roger and he are the two blessed with the most natural tennis talent. When he puts his mind to it, Andy actually has a very nuanced game. Just unfortunate that he spends most of his time being a pusher instead of maximizing his gifts. I still cheer for Andy but when he goes up against Roger, there’s no question about where my loyalties lie. Scotland can wait for 3 of 4 more years.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehe don’t be sad about it Mia. I actually think Roger and Muz love and hate each other in equal amounts. As for Muz, I don’t think Scotland can wait another 3 or 4 years though. Murray’s the same age as Djokovic. It’s now or never to win a slam. Tennis doesn’t wait for players.

      • Mia says :

        Yeah, his mom Judy did say that Roger is the only player that Andy looks up to. Let me qualify the 3 or 4 years, Doots — Andy can win a slam now for as long as he does not have to beat Roger in the process (although I don’t know how seeing that the Raj is the final hurdle in most) within the next 3 or 4 years. Because my loyalties will always be with Roger. After that time frame — which roughly ties in with Roger’s career motivations (i.e., the Olympics in 2012 as his “fulcrum”) — I can give Andy relatively more cheer time.

  2. EP says :

    You tell him Roger! *pokes Muz* shoo!

    And saw you post that pic on Twitter. I am definitely traumatized now. I thought it was bad enough that Rafa was trying to turn into Roger. Now we have this?! o.O

  3. LJ says :

    long time reader first time poster…

    I’m just both drawn to and traumatised by that pic.

    Awesome blog btw, I’m going to the AO 2010 so I can fullfill one of the things I should do in this life (aka watch fed play live). Got any suggestions? i.e rod laver day or night packs? How do I find fed’s practice times/courts? etc

    • dootsiez says :

      Hi LJ! *waves*

      With AO, it’s always pot luck if you wanna get Fed. He usually gets night sessions, but Bernard Tomic bumped him second round this year. I was totally laughing at all those people who bought night session rod laver tickets that day to watch Dokic v Chakvedatze/Tomic v Muller.

      The defending champ usually plays on day 1. then the other half of the draw on day 2 and so on, so I think barring a special request from Rafa next year, he or an aussie will get the first night session, and Fed will play on day 2.

      Hope that helps! If you make your way here (where are you from btw?) you might even see me there. 😉

      • LJ says :

        thanks for the tips, I know getting any tix this early will be pot luck (I think members tix goes on sale on monday) so I’m scrambling to determine with a friend what sessions to go to.

        I’m from all the way up in sydney ahahaha, btw i did arts/law too, law almost killed me =p

        • dootsiez says :

          No kidding! You’re about the bazillionth tennis fan/law student/graduate/lawy-related person I know.

          If you can help it, come down to Melb a few days earlier to catch a bit of Kooyong. It’s much more intimate than the Australian Open, I had seats a few rows in front of Mirka this year, and had to stop myself from proposing to her.

          Oh, and Roger always hangs around to sign autographs. 😉

  4. breadstix says :

    Don’t you just love dear old Federpoos? Hilarious. Let’s just hope he doesn’t say that and then do a first round exit (because really, he’s due one, no? :S) and uh, I dunno, leave his fans to wallow in grief.
    Haaha! Two-handed backhand my ass, Roger, who do you think you are? Rafa? 😉

    Anyhoo… I hope Muzzface goes another year slamless. Plzplzplz, tennis gods…

    • dootsiez says :

      *frazzles* Federer is WAYY overdue for an early round upset. Seriously. These 4th round encounters he keeps escaping from, they’ll eventually get him, right? *frazzles some more*

    • SJ says :

      Stop it you’re making me frazzle. The tennis gods wants Roger win this year, right? He didn’t get his 6 wimbys in a row, so he needs his 6 US opens in a row.

      Muzza is a brit he’s cursed he’s not winning anything until next year or the year after or the year after that or the year after…

    • dootsiez says :

      ^ that’s just tempting the tennis gods. You don’t win a slam 6 years in a row. That’s just ridiculous in open era.


      But then you don’t win 15 slams either. That’s just ridiculous in human history.

      *slightly assured*

    • breadstix says :

      ^ Assured?! That’s just made me frazzle even more. 15 slams = payback time for the tennis gods atop the fuzzy yellow cloud.

      Hah, I hope teh curse of the Brits continue for a bit longer, and that a bit of Bogdanovich’s rubbed off on him or something. Then again, maybe Murryface’s escaped the furst, being Scottish and all… *frazzle* ;D

      • SJ says :

        Nah, Federer is one of the luckiest players on the tour in the slams minus facing Nadal, he always beats the players that beat his main rival/ rivals. Murray is one who will be upset in the earlier rounds, he is having a far too good of a year at the moment to continue and he’s no Roger Federer.

  5. SJ says :

    Federer why are you turning into Nadal?
    First the pink shirt in montreal, the part sleeveless shirt and now a double handed backhand.

    I wonder whether he’s going to make weird but cute screwed up faces when he’s playing because only Rafa can pull that off.

  6. sjcrazies says :

    I hope Roger never wears that shirt again.

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