Cincy/Toronto Day 1: Ummm …

I was going to write a Day 1 wrap up, but then I saw these pictures…

… And forgot what I was going to say




Such hair godliness the world has ne’er seen. 


Click to enlarge


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Credit to anutam from, polaroided by me for extra McDreaminess.


Twas a peaceful day over in Cincy with very few upsets. Karlovic took out 13th seed Gael Monfils, but then again, Dr Ivo acing past anyone 64 67(5) 76(2) is not technically considered an upset

Unfortunately, Ivo looked really, really excited about it.

Too excited in fact. 


Optical illusion win. 


Over in Toronto, Nadia Petrova is to Sharapova what Roddick is to Federer. A sure win, but also a nice one – with the victim being top 10, totally likeable, and full of potential.

Maria wrapped it up 6-3 6-4 and kept her serve under control, which in these days just means she only double faulted 5 times. 



Someone who can’t wrap anything up these days, much less her head – Amelie Mauresmo. Momo lost to Schiavone 62 36 61 in a battle between two of the three one-handed backhands left in the women’s top 100.

Yup, it really is that bleak. Mentioning the third one – Carla Suarez Navarro also lost to ARad 63 63. The girl’s yet to win a single match on the summer hard courts. Who are you? Reeshie?


Back in Cincy, Stan lost in straight sets to Daveed Ferrer 75 62, making a third round ‘clash of the concubines’ with the Fed impossible. But Marin Cilic bounced back from back-to-back losses to oust the Mosquito 63 64. It’s probably all for the best – JCF has played an awful lot of tennis lately, and Marin hasn’t played much at all.


And the Marat Safin’s Heartbreak Train keeps rollin’ along, and the fact that he actually won another match (beating Ginepri 75 76) prevents those onboard from just diving off it altogether. Too many hurt feelings, but against our better judgment, we still cling on.

Love to hate you Marat. Love and hate you.


AP Photo/David Kohl


With a win under his belt, Safin went all philosophisationing:


Q.  You’ve had your motivational ups and downs in your career.  What do you think keeps someone like Federer so motivated all the time?

MARAT SAFIN:  Being a fanatic.


Anyone who welcomed twins, and then organized a transatlantic family trip has to be a bit of a fanatic. Spot on as usual, Marat. But fanatic about what?


MARAT SAFIN:  About tennis.  In a nice way.  I think you have to really love what you’re doing.  You have to love it and you have to be a very great competitor, otherwise there is no –

I cannot understand him.


No shit. You started out together, and ended with a difference of 13 slam (and counting). If only you understood Fed…

Marat further added that Federer and Murray, for all their smack talking, are really two peas in a pod.

But maybe it’s because they are so similar that they get on each other’s nerves. As my wise and noble ancestors proverbialised, “one mountain cannot hold two tigers”. 

Whatever that even means.


MARAT SAFIN:  [Federer] has more ability than others.  Maybe a lot other players.  Like Murray, he’s a player.  You can see that he knows what he’s doing on the court and he knows exactly at what moment what’s he gonna do, and he reads the point pretty well.

Same.  They’re pretty similar to each other.  Federer probably he has a nicer technique, but the rest is very similar to each other.


And in case you were secretly hoping that a few good wins might change Safin’s mind about ending his tennis career: 


MARAT SAFIN: I don’t like any sports.  For example, I would not play soccer.  I would not play hockey.  Basketball I hate.  I never watch any sports on TV.  It’s amazing, and I’m a tennis player.

But I don’t like it, the competition.  For example, if I have to play soccer against neighborhood, I will play for ten minutes and then I get bored.  I’m not a player.

Q.  How did you last this long at this level?

MARAT SAFIN:  It’s a miracle, huh?  It’s a miracle.


Yeah, that felt like getting punched in the ovaries. I’m jumping off this heartbreak train before we end up in a bloody, teary heap at Bercy. Honest. I will do it. Watch me.


So over it,

😦 doots



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11 responses to “Cincy/Toronto Day 1: Ummm …”

  1. JFK says :

    Hair God and Masha Fierce FTW!

  2. breadstix says :

    ‘I cannot understand him.’ Heheheheeh.

    Marat’s right, it is a miracle… it’s a bloomin’ miracle that I’m still firmly onboard the Marat Safinwagon and can’t seem to get off it. Sometimes he depresses me almost as much as Gulbiscuit.

    Ooh, since you mention Karlovic, have you seen ‘MC Ivo’?? — on the side, below the wallpapers. Absoloute hilarity. xD

    • dootsiez says :

      Seeing the name Ivo Karlovic and “funzone” in the same URL made me laugh. Lordy, that picture with sunnies is so retro-90s.

      I love how Safin started to try and explain what’s different about Roger, and just gave up and admitted he doesn’t not understand! If only he was as boring as Ivo, we’d find it so easy to hop off that bandwagon.

  3. Ann says :

    It’s pretty much a shocker that Safin doesn’t like sports. I mean, did someone tell him what tennis was before he started? Or is life in Russia just that bleak? I guess it sucks to be really good at something you don’t like. Or to be the sort of person who can’t learn to like the perfectly harmless thing he’s really good at. Anybody know what his heart’s desire is? Does he secretly love accounting?

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL does Safin secretly love accounting? It’s so crazy it must be true! The Tennis Gods gave him insane talents, but forgot to give him a love for the sport.
      Actually I don’t think Safin realises how much he loves tennis himself. I remember when I was learning piano I absolutely hated it. But when I made the choice to give up, within a year, I was missing it like crazy. It’ll happen to Safin too. You watch 😉

  4. Mia says :

    Thanks, Marat, for spelling in black and white why I like Roger and (although to a much lesser extent) MAndy. They’re two peas in a pod, even as one has a tad more in attributes. That said, what would tennis do without its resident McSteamy? Oh Marat, if only you can stick around for much longer.

  5. TopSpin says :

    Marat is NOT a player – that’s been evident for the better part of his career. That he’s chosen to spell it out in his remaining months on tour is really quite tragic .

    That said, he IS a ‘player’, and will no doubt continue being so until well after retirement..

    Can’t deny feeing like my insides were turned out though on hearing this though.


    RIP Marat – The player that was never a player.

    • dootsiez says :

      I know what you mean Topspin. Deep down, I think we all knew that Marat wasn’t a “player” in one sense of that word. And he seems intent on speaking his mind for the next few months about it too.

      For a man with such a big heart, he’s saved so little of it for tennis. 😦 😦 😦

  6. Julia says :

    Awh, those Fed pics are a dream. ❤

    Kick ass Maestro.

  7. SJ says :

    Hmm…hair god in all of his hair godliness- and smiling.

    I don’t know what to do with Safin the moment i give up on him he decides to win a match and keep my hopes up.

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