Quotable Quotes: James Blake knows a thing or two about the WTA.

Nothing new, but spoken like an intelligent human being:


Q.  In the forward for the book Charging the Net, you talked about being inspired by Serena and Venus.  I know they have a lot of tennis left, but what do you think their legacy will be?  Will it be how they changed the game or how they transcended the game?

JAMES BLAKE:  You know, I think their legacy is gonna be something where they did change the game.  Before them, girls like Martina Hingis were able to kind of dominate just with kind of skill and finesse.  Those girls just turned it into a power game and just started, you know, kind of ripping through.  Anyone that didn’t have the power to hit them off the baseline, they were gonna be in trouble, because they were just so physically dominating.

A lot girls have caught up now to make it very entertaining to watch.  But when you see girls kind of standing on the baseline kind of going toe to toe with them, like the Dementievas and like the Safinas and Henin when she was in her prime, and Clijsters.  So they definitely changed the game.  That right there is a legacy.
Also, they’re both on pace for being in the consideration for greatest of all time.  Serena is a little ahead right now in the slams, but what they have done on the court is just tremendous.
Like you said, they have a lot more time left, so I’m excited to see how great they can be.


James Blake is killing me.

Given that he’s about the only American player I’ve liked since Andre Agassi, I just want him back in his 2006 mode. But no – the guy goes and loses to Kunitsyn 7-6 6-7 6-4, citing a mild stomach upset as rationalisation. What the hell!?  

I know he’s had some toe injury issues recently, but really the guy was in a slump way before that. Pity, because I really do miss watching him spank that forehand. 


Err, not so much the backhand.


Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images


Obviously, some reporter out there is intent on asking every single player out there about Federer’s motivation, for reasons unknown.

I don’t mind, I get to hear someone else worship His Royal Gorgeousness for a change.


Different things motivate people.  What do you think keeps a guy like Federer motivated and going?

JAMES BLAKE:  Yeah, that’s tough for me to speak on.  I can’t say I’ve really walked a mile in his shoes.  I’ve never been the guy with a target on his back for the whole year for really now six, seven years.  He’s just done some impressive things.  I’m so happy that he’s such a great champion that we have to be an ambassador of our sport.  He gives back to the community, is great for the fans.  Just a genuinely nice guy.


You’re a genuinely nice guy too James. Now why won’t you play some genuinely nice tennis for us? 



xx doots



10 responses to “Quotable Quotes: James Blake knows a thing or two about the WTA.”

  1. Julia says :

    I remember Blake in one of his speeches after losing to Fed in one of the finals talking about how he (Federer) was the only one to call him up and check on him from the players when Blake was in the hospital or something of the like. Can’t remember exactly, but I thought it was very sweet of Blake to mention that in front of the thousands of people who were watching.

  2. SJ says :

    Curse Blake and his niceness, I was so angry at him for being up a break in two of the 3 sets and then losing it but now i can’t be mad because he is one of the nicest players on the tour, i hope he comes out of his slump soon, we miss you Blake, no more 1st round exits from you now.

  3. breadstix says :

    He’s far too unlucky for someone so nice. *shakes head* I hope he makes a good run somewhere some time soon.. 😦

    It’s amusing contrasting James’ and Marat’s answers to the fanatic-Fed question. xD

  4. PJ says :

    Julia – if I remember correctly, it was when James hurt his back (injury anyway) and Roger was the only one who wrote him a get-well card. And at that time James was like world no.40-something? That’s the kind of guy Fed is.

    Doots – I genuinely like James Blake, too. Am really blah-face about how his game has turned out to be, really blah-face. 😦 I sure wish that there is hope of resurrection but meh, wouldn’t give it much chance. Sucks.

  5. Liz says :

    I love James and like the rest of you feel sad that he’s struggling right now. Even more than injuries, he seems to get psyched out during matches. I think the story about Roger is in Blake’s book. He broke his neck in a freak accident and Roger was the only one to contact him.

  6. Eve says :

    Aw, James. I really like him- what’s up with this terrible slump? He’s such a nice guy- his answers are always so articulate and pleasant.

    I didn’t know that about him and Fed. It’s sad because even my good friends who are Fed haters will still spin it to be about Fed being arrogant- haters will never let it go.

    I miss Blake+hair. Mmmm…

  7. dootsiez says :

    ^ Hey guys!

    Re the Blake story, yup – it was after Blake got injured in Rome a few years back and his dad died, and all sorts of horrible things were happening to him. He said that at the time, he was sitting in hospital and received only one card from the players on tour. And it was from Federer.

    There’s a reason why this guy gets voted for the Stefan Edberg blah blah blah each year. It might shock people that, as James Blake put it, he’s a genuinely nice guy. 😀

    I’ve always liked Blake for the fact that he managed to bounce back from all the personal crap that happened to him. It’s a pity that he’s struggling so much now, he has talent. 😦

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