For homies: okay okay! I’ll admit it – you guys are awesome.

(Totally personal and non-tennis related. Scroll past if you like!)


Just a short note to my dear friends to say thank you:

1. For making my birthday eve so retardedly wonderful

2. For imbuing it with so many layers of tennis inspired references! You guys know me too well.  

3. For getting me a strawberries and cream cake called WIMBLEDON, from a SWISS patisserie, to have in a restaurant at FED Square, even though the last part is slightly lame and purely coincidental. The cake tasted like Roger Federer. You know it totally did. 😉

4. For getting me a present in a LITTLE BLUE BOX that made me spontaneously implode from happiness.

5. For choosing a necklace with a TENNIS RACQUETS PENDANT to put inside that little blue box!

6. For making corny Mabo and legislative interpretation references on my birthday card, you total law nerds.

7. For being you and writing the card upside down.

8. For the kick-ass singing and dorky dancing. 

9. And last but not least, for being the silent (and not so silent) readers and supporters of this blog.






xx doots



25 responses to “For homies: okay okay! I’ll admit it – you guys are awesome.”

  1. vvveeeee says :


    happy happy happy birthday, you. 🙂 you deserved it all!

  2. LJ says :

    happy birthday!!!!!!…ahhh mabo jokes…the good days of being a law student. The cake looks awesome.

  3. Sophie says :

    silent reader here who very much appreciates this lovely blog 🙂

    happy birthday! have a fedtastic year 😀 x

  4. JD says :

    HAPPY_HAPPY_HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! U r so great! All the best!

  5. BlueSky. says :

    Happy Birthday to you! 😀

  6. SJ says :

    Happy birthday!!!
    The blog is great and you’re so funny.

    Maybe Rogi won’t lose as a post birthday present. 🙂

  7. PJ says :

    Happy Birthday 🙂 Let’s hope Roger steamrolls Rusty for a cool belated and go on and win Cincy for even cooler belated!

    You’re an awesome tennis-Fed blogger. 🙂

  8. dootsiez says :

    ^ Thank you Sophi, JD, BlueSky, SJ and PJ! Virtual hugs for all 😀

  9. judy says :

    happy birthday! glad you had such a sweet celebration. i am coveting your blue box gift. 🙂 your witty posts make me laugh. keep up the excellent work.

  10. JFK says :

    Happy Birthday dootsiez! I hope the Hot Hair God wins for you today.

  11. Tashi says :

    Happy Birthday Doots!!

  12. EP says :


  13. Rosie says :

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Great blog. Yikes Fed and Muzza.

  14. Liz says :

    Happy birthday, dootsiez! The pendant and the cake are wonderful! Maybe Roger will give you another birthday present! ; – )

  15. dootsiez says :

    ^ hey guys, I’m gonna be greedy and ask for Roger to give me both Cincy and USO as presents. I can do that, right?


  16. Ribbons says :

    Awww. Many happy (and Fedtastic) returns!

  17. Blue says :

    Happy birthday dootsiez, hope you had a fedtastic birthday! You have very thoughtful friends 🙂

  18. Blue says :

    You’re welcome! I love your blog 🙂

  19. sliceofwatermelon says :

    Yes, I know I’m quite awesome like that. 🙂

    Angela just stopped in her tracks when she realised she wrote the name upside down on the envelope. -_-“””””””””

    Wimbledon tasted good.

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