Cincy Day 5: Don’t worry Rogi! We’ll eat some garlic and breathe on him.

I’ve heard it works wonders against fanged creatures. 


Roger out-toothed


Roger looked sharper with a 6-3 6-4 over Lleyton Hewitt. Some of it was due to Hewitt’s limited mobility, and some of it was the return of Roger’s footwork. Clearly Mirka didn’t need another pair of legs around the house.

The first serve was MIA until the last few games of the match, not that it mattered, RFed didn’t face a single breakpoint all match and won 89% of points on first serve.

Roger and Lleyton first played against each other as 15 year old sons. More than a decade later, they’re still playing each other, but this time as a pair of papas.

Don’t even pretend that it doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart. If your heart had cockles that is. 


Before we move on – the obligatory Puny Left Arm/Hair God Worship intermission (via Krist @


Hair God


By contrast, much rustier from Andy Murray, who was at one point down a set and a break against Lucky Loser Julien Benneteau. But ever so fickle, Lady Luck changed her mind half way through the match and smiled on Toothface once more.

Julien faltered under the pressure of closing out the match, the 53-shot rally then drained the life essence out of him, and the Vampire got himself rolling. Final score? 4-6 6-3 6-1. 


ANDY MURRAY: These are the matches that, you know, when you play badly and you don’t feel great and you’re not hitting the ball well, when you can come through matches like that’s it’s a lot better.

Everyone can win when you play really good tennis.  It would have been easy to, you know, not given up, but to sort of mentally let him beat me.  It’s good for the confidence.  And I think the other players see that, you know, you’re fighting.  You know, it was a big, big match.


Err, folks – is NOW a good time to fret


The current Murderer H2H stands at 6-2. Given that Murray has been striking the ball much cleaner than Federer over the last two weeks (his last match notwithstanding) I’d pick Toothface for the win. But I have a feeling that both Fed and Toothface will want to preserve themselves ahead of the Open.

Regardless, expect it to be a good match – between the Establishment and the Challenger, the Hair God and the Toothface, the Real World No 1 and the “Reality-is-a-social-construct, didn’t-you-know?” World No 2…



In other matches, say 1-2-3-4!

All four of the top seeds in Cincinnati made it through to the semifinals, after the top 8 made the last 8 in Montreal just a week ago. A true testament to the consistency on the ATP World Tour these days.

Nadal, the Real World No 2, cruised past Berdych 6-4 7-5 with a second set that featured some of his best tennis since the clay season. Rafa’s major weapons – his movement, the forehand, and the slider serve out-wide – are certainly starting to click.

But dude, relax! It’s only Berdych, no?


Practicing his game face for the USO: via Daylife


With so much of the attention focused on Federer and Murray these days, should Rafa hoist the US Open trophy on Arthur Ashe in three weeks time, don’t say no one told ya he was comin’


Oh yeah, Nole beat Simon 6-4 7-5. Umm … I got nothin’ on this one. Djokovic is making it rather easy for people to ignore him these days.

Watch your back folks, watch your back. You never know who’s going to creep up on you all of a sudden.


Constant vigilance,

xx doots



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21 responses to “Cincy Day 5: Don’t worry Rogi! We’ll eat some garlic and breathe on him.”

  1. Tashi says :

    *frazzling* *fretting* *nervous* Ahh! Okay, Rog, you really need to win this match. Really.

  2. Mia says :

    Okay, so now is the time to frazzle. Rog, you need this cushion so Toothface doesn’t eat into your points. Then there’s the h2h to think about. And he also has been doing some trash-talking. And that from someone who has yet to win a slam. So shut him up, please?

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehehehe – I’d love for Roger to pull off a win. He’s really gotta up the ante though. That serve is on and off all the time. Just when I thought we had it back for good during the clay/grass season. *frazzling*

  3. Chicara says :

    I hope you’re right about Rafa winning USO, that would be a dream for me… Love the blog, btw.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hi Chicara!

      Rafa played scarily well today. Good signs for the USO. People have forgotten him a little bit over all this hype about Muz and Fed. *sigh*

  4. BlueSky. says :

    FeDal final please. 😀

  5. SJ says :

    I hope Murray plays as bad as he did in the quarters then there is a glimmer of hope. Urgh, I’m going to be frazzling all day.

    Use your racquet Rogi and i don’t mean to hit the tennis ball…toothy face needs his face remodling.

  6. PJ says :

    Hey Doots,

    I’m frazzling, fretting and tearing out my hair over the prospect of tomorrow’s match and am wondering should I wake up to watch it (3AM Melbourne time WTF) but probably will have like heart attacks!? I really really REALLY REALLLLLY want Roger to beat Toothface, more than I want him to win Cincy even, YES. Because I hate Toothface’s trashtalk and apparently he said it would be “easy” beating Rog tomorrow cos he’s done it “so many times before”. Makes me want to sharpen meself some stakes.

    Rafa v Nole though, should be pretty…urm, long, given their habits hahha. Rooting for the Matador definitely. Wants myself a Fed/Rafa final.

    Also…re USO? Am really really REALLLLY hoping for Fed to take it for the record 6th time but won’t be too crushed if Rafa wins it as well. My two favourites completing their Career Slams is not too bad in PJ’s Tennis World.

    Seriously anyone but Mandy Pandy for USO. ANYONE. Even, like, Gulbis (HAHHAHHA).

    • dootsiez says :

      Gulbis for USO ain’t such a bad idea PJ 😛

      I want Roger to beat Toothface too, but given current form, I don’t see it happenin’. But then again, maybe Roger’s got a rabbit in his hat. Who knows…

  7. breadstix says :

    *frazzle* *scream* *frazzle*

    It’d be loved for Rog to pull of a win over skanky toothy man right before USO. Y’know what be better? FEDAL! And apparently if Rafa wins and Toothface doesn;t get to the final then Rafa would be #2 again. And thus no Fedal semi at USO.

    And that would be bliss…

    *ahem* Back to reality though, if Roger wins I’d CRY. In joy, that is.

  8. JFK says :

    I hope Roger brings the Garlic to the match. JK. Go get ’em Roger!!

  9. Ann says :

    Well, Rog has already beaten Toothie, but I just caught this post and had to give a nod to the Mad-Eye Moody reference. (-;

    And in the tennis…I almost couldn’t turn this one on due to shaky frazzled fingers on the clicker, but I am *so* glad I did. Our man put on The Mighty Fine show today, and the other guy looked frightfully flat. (Boy is he fast, though – I have to give him that. He gets to balls that would be clear winners against anyone else. Then he does this weird pokey thing at them with his racket and gets them back. It’s so frustrating to watch scrappiness beat artistry.)

    It seemed unthinkable just a few days ago, but he-who-must-not-be-named will flip rankings with Rafa again if Rafa wins Cincy. As much as I love Rog, it might just be worth it. Go Rafa!

    • dootsiez says :

      Hey Ann! Hehehe I’m like the Mad-Eye of Federer fandom. Constant vigilance!!

      Pity Rafa couldn’t pull off a win. He needs more match confidence before he takes on a Big Four again.

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