Toronto Day 5: the Fiercesome Foursome.

What the –

Serena, you … actually wanna win this? I thought we had an understanding!   

Rena progressed to the quarterfinals with a 63 62 win over Lucie Safarova, a kill so clean I could use it as a mirror.

I don’t understand Serena. One day she’s getting her ass kicked by a journeywoman from the Land of Lost Souls, the next she’s winning 100% of her second serves and baring her teeth at poor ickle Lucie Safarova.




I don’t know what to do with you, ReeRee. For superstition’s sake, can you at least lose your next match, or in the final? 


Elena Dementieva scored a three set win over Sam Stosur, 6-7(3) 6-1 6-3. Stosur’s two major weapons – the serve and the forehand – still have the tendency to get up and walk out on her in the middle of a match.

I don’t think she’ll be too devastated about it though. The girl’s had a wonderful summer and will no doubt be one of the dark horses for the US Open.




Don’t know how I feel about Elena Dementieva. Actually I do know – I don’t feel anything about her. Utter indifference. Don’t love her, don’t hate her, just… meh. 

I am however, totally excited about the Wimbledon rematch between her and Serena. Elena’s game has been known to trouble Serena in the past, but Elena’s also developed a tendency to play horrendously at the tail end of a tournament lately. Only the Tennis Gods know which version of Elena and Serena they’re going to send along to the match tomorrow. 

One thing is for certain though – I would love to see a Sharapova v Williams final. It’s been too long. 


Mentioning Masha Fierce, her performance at Toronto this week has been the best I’ve seen from her since her return.

For the most part of her 6-2 7-6(5) win over ARad, Masha Fierce was exploding off the ball and whipping Radwandska’s cupcake serves into puddings. The double faults are a little disconcerting still, but the rust is definitely wearing off. 

Now, let’s get this semifinal monkey off our back




Unfortunately, our hopes of a Glittergal v Glamourgal showdown between Shaz and JJ were dashed by Kleybanova, who took out JJ in a 3 hour marathon 6-7 (6), 7-6 (7), 6-2. Credit to Kleybs, who was deceivingly athletic, and went for her shots, amassing over 50 winners for the match.

I haven’t seen her match against Ana Ivanovic at the Australian Open this year, but it’s not hard to see why this girl’s a bit of a giant killer. Gutsy.




JJ faded physically in the third set. Understandably so, she’s played a lot of tennis with some huge match wins over the past few weeks. Getting miffed about line calls certainly made her night even more draining than it had to be.


“It was a lot of bad calls from the referee,” said Jankovic. “Especially at this level, they shouldn’t be making these kinds of mistakes. This was a little bit too much.”

Jankovic had a legitimate beef. At one point, she hit a serve nearly a foot long, but it was called in. The umpire chose not to overrule, so Jankovic decided to challenge the call.

“There were balls that were so out, and she wouldn’t call it,” said Jankovic. “My serve was so much out, and she didn’t say anything, and then I challenged for my serve to be out. I’ve never seen that before.

“That was really ridiculous. I didn’t know what was happening.”

Jankovic said the litany of missed calls forced her to use her challenges, which helped her win the first set but left her without any at the end of the second set.

“I didn’t really trust many of those calls,” said Jankovic. “I challenged in the first set, and I was right. Otherwise, if I didn’t challenge, I would have lost that first set for sure. Those challenges saved me.

Source: Canadian Press


Oh JJ. Don’t ever stop bitching. Go get a good rest girl, and see you at the US Open. 


xx doots


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3 responses to “Toronto Day 5: the Fiercesome Foursome.”

  1. SJ says :

    It would be awesome if there was a Serena vs Maria final but Maria must be careful with Kleybanova as she’s in really good form.

    • dootsiez says :

      Kleybanova is the ultimate Giant-Killer. Not good enough at the moment to post consistent results, but on any given day, she could be counted on to upset a bigger name. Although, if she wins, it’s technically not an upset. She’s ranked higher than Masha Fierce I think.

  2. Tashi says :

    Grr JJ! Grrrrr! You had this match, but noooo, you have to go and fuck it up with the pussiest forehand return on your MP evah.

    I have to root for Serena on this one so that JJ can remain the #4 at the Open. So come on ReRe!

    Go Masha!!

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