Because stupidity can be funny. You know?

*giggles* Clickey to read.




Lordy, I don’t even know where to start. Andy Murray, the Real World No 1. 

Oh yeth.

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19 responses to “Because stupidity can be funny. You know?”

  1. SJ says :

    The guy who wrote the article is in love with Murray, it’s awful to hear him commentating because he sounds like a lovesick puppy, he’s also the same guy who said Federer would never win a tournament again or become number 1 again- wow his prediction couldn’t be anymore far off-generally when he writes something the opposite happens.

    • dootsiez says :

      I’m fine with the Brits loving Murray, but Reed has this demented logic of “I love Murray, therefore I hate Fed.”

      I’ve been reading some of his stuff for the last few months out of sheer mockery. It’s so hilariously bad that he actually sounds like he takes himself seriously.

  2. Tashi says :

    Sure Reed. Whatever you say. *pat on the head*

  3. FortuneCookie says :

    He also had an article after AO with the headline ‘Verdasco is the future of tennis’,so um,yeahhh whatever you say indeed Reedy…
    He’s such a Murray sycophant it’s embarrassing,I mean,I really like the dude as well,but some sections of the Brit press are just,eurgh…Mostly the papers who if you asked them to name the 4 majors they’d be like,’WHAT,THERE’S 4 OF THEM??LIKE REALLY??’

    • dootsiez says :

      The British press culture is a little diff to Aus. Some of the sports coverage, especially by the tabloids, are so delusional they’re actually good.

      I’ll be steering clear though … with the Ashes and all :S

      • FortuneCookie says :

        Hehe,oh I totally forgot about that! 😛 Things are going so shit for you now your captain is getting a mouthful of blood…Lol,I’m not a big cricket fan,and everyone was totally convinced we’d lost the Ashes,but then,here comes Westlife boy!Hehe,apparently the nickname for Broad by the players,if you’re up on your Irish boyband knowledge 😉

      • dootsiez says :

        Not a cricket fan either. But losing the Ashes is totes embarrassing I’m considering moving to New Zealand.

  4. breadstix says :

    Ick, with all that’s been said recently about slamless #1s… erm, just no. Toothy’s probably #1 on hard courts admittedly, but clay? Grass? Not particularly outstanding. USO I’m not so sure, especially since I’ve made it my business to believe that Fed’s gunna be bageled by, say, Gulbiscuit in R1, but I dearly hope Murray ends his year slamless again. ;D

    • dootsiez says :

      *frazzles over the USO* One more slam Roger. You can funk your way through the rest of the year if you like. Just keep your head screwed on for the USO. 😀

  5. Isobel says :

    *sigh* And I actually like Simon, too, if only for his figure skating commentary.

  6. EP says :

    I thought I’d be infuriated after reading that. I’m actually sitting here laughing my head off instead….

  7. jfk10s says :

    I was confused after reading that article.
    2 masters series in 09> 2 Grand Slams in 09?
    And to say that Roger was “handed both titles” is disrespectful.

  8. Alex says :

    Tiger Woods is still ragging on Roger for having 70 to 61 titles. But Roger is 5.5 years younger!

  9. LongLiveKingRog says :

    Usual trash from the loser. Good that all knowledgeable (or otherwise) tennis fans are trashing mr reed like there’s no tomorrow ! just read the comments left on the eurosport website, very entertaining!

  10. Mia says :

    This Reed has probably smoked too much weed.

  11. Julie says :

    Thanks Dootsiez for making me actually pee in my pants while reading the article! I actually think this guy is kidding, he’s a Poe! Quite frankly, I think The Onion (the fake newspaper!) sent him as an undercover “journalist” to mess up with everyone’s mind! There is no freaking way this stuff can be taken seriously!
    It certainly made the match between Fed and Murray more enjoyable to me. That first set had me laughing my head off thinking about the guy’s reaction when watching that! Has he posted anything since? Do we know if he’s still alive?

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehehe Simon Reed working for the Onion? That would be so appropriate. 😀 It seems like he’s shut up in the past few days. Although … when Murray starts winning matches again, he’ll be rattling his head off about the Real World No 1.

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