Cincy Day 6: Told ya garlic breath works.

Roger, I had so much faith in you, I never doubted you’d win.

Ahem. In fact, I trusted you so much that I picked Murray and Nadal for the final and slept through your whole match.

Don’t judge me.




Never mind that Murray’s returns were so shocking during the match that he resorted to self-mutilation by punching his strings. Roger played smart, aggressive tennis throughout, breaking down Murray’s forehand, and uncorking his own forehand effectively.

The second set, granted, was more of a close contest, but Federpoop learnt from his past mistakes and kept applying pressure


In the last few times I played against him, very often I think if you look back I won the first set. Ended up losing the second set and then can’t find my way back into the match in the third.

So that’s kind of how he sort of ran away with it.  To me it was obviously important this time rather the same doesn’t happen again.  You know, I stayed aggressive.  I was always looking to make the plays, and I think in the end I deserved to win just because I wasn’t scared to go after my shots, you know.  And I think I served well today.


I don’t know about serving well. 36% in the first set kinda made me want to punch his teeth out. But as Roger pointed out this week, serving well isn’t all about percentages. He used a nice mixture of body serves on his second serve to keep Toothface honest. On top of that, his hold game was squeaky clean, making it 4 consecutive sets where Federer hasn’t faced a single break point

Hell, he even had enough nasties left in the system to take it to ESPN for not showing the Rafa/Djoko semifinal live, before reminding the commentating wankers that “in modern times” men change diapers too. 

As Dick Enberg would say, OH MY! It’s like winning the lottery. Nicely done Poop! 




Talk about snapping losing streaks – Novak Djokovic also snapped his 5 match losing streak against Nadal with a win over the Spaniard 6-1 6-4. Rafa and Nole’s H2H stood at 14-4, with Djokovic’s last victory dating back to last year’s Cincinnati semifinal.

But Novak came out tonight more pumped up than I’ve ever seen him in recent months. Clearly, Federer wasn’t the only one who needed to slay some demons

On the other side of the court, Rafa fell into a bad pattern of retrieving way behind the baseline, returning poorly and winning very few cheap points on serve. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s been a good week for Rafa. You might not rate his chances at the Open, but you’d do so at your own expense. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Nadal as a contender in New York.




So it’s Roger Federer v Novak Djokovic for the final. Who woulda thunk it?

Now, does garlic breath work on Vultu- … errr .. Falcons too



xx doots



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31 responses to “Cincy Day 6: Told ya garlic breath works.”

  1. PJ says :

    I was so happy he won although that second set tiebreaker had me wanting to kick his Feder-pants after he lost that mini break. I was like, I didn’t wake up at 4.45am to watch you lose, bonehead!!

    But boo about Rafa though. Really want Rafa v Fed for final and I am a horrible dismal Fed fan, but wanting Rafa to win so he can get back to freakin’ no.2 and the path to a Fed-Nadal final will b shiny in USO. Now we have to depend on draws!!

    So. Waking up at 230am tomorrow, Doots? 😀

    • dootsiez says :

      Or just not sleeping. Hopefully he doesn’t lose. That’ll be the biggest waste of my sleep.

      I hate that the final is on Monday for us.

  2. Mia says :

    And the h2h improves. Yay! Was too scared to watch the tie-break because that’s usually where Rog goes on a walkabout. Thank my stars he didn’t.

  3. Tashi says :

    Roger is awesome. That is all.

    Rafito, [sigh]. I do have high hopes for him at the Open though.

  4. evie says :

    In Rafa’s current form, he’ll be lucky to get to the quarters. There are a lot of hungry hard-courters out there and Rafa is far from his best. Yes, I could have said the same thing about Roger last year, but he did, indeed, have a pretty scratchy time until he got to the semis. And it wasn’t his worst surface.

    It’ll depend on the draw, but it wouldn’t shock me if Rafa failed to make it to the second week.

    • dootsiez says :

      I dunno. I’ve still got a good feeling about Rafa. Right now his biggest problem is rust, but if it’s a best-of-five format, he’s got more time to find his range – just as Federer did last year.

      If he got del Potro or Roddick in his quarter, then I’d be less confident. But otherwise, I still like Rafa’s chances.

      And Roger’s too. With a win today, he’s guaranteed the No 1 spot as long as he reaches R16! 😀

  5. Liz says :

    Late to the party — I had to watch it on tape. But I think I would have been too nervous to watch it live anyway! I loved the tender moment at the net after the match. I don’t think those two like each other too much, do they?

    Hooray for Roger! Now go get the Djoker!

    • dootsiez says :

      I was nervous too Liz. Um… in my sleep.

      Hehehe granted, the first thing I did when I got up was to check tennis scores. 😀

  6. Blue says :

    I’m so delighted Roger won! In straight sets too 🙂 AM needed to be taken down a peg or three. And Rafa will bounce back, he always does.

    • dootsiez says :

      Rafa is bouncing back I think. He was brilliant against Berdych, but tonight, he clearly wasn’t ready playing anyone in the top 4 yet. And Djokovic came out ready to roll. *sigh*

      I do think Rafa will be okay for the Open though. 😀

  7. BlueSky. says :

    Good luck G.O.A.T! 😀

  8. breadstix says :

    I was speechless (with joy :D). Honestly, I actually said all the way through the match that Federpoop was due his second-set meltdown soon and was gonna be stomped on by Toothy in the third… CLEARLY my lack of faith paid dividents. 😉

    Shame about Rafa. 😦 Really wanted to him to get #2 back tbh, but Nole came out with some really quite inspired tennis. Guh.

  9. SJ says :

    I don’t think i can watch the final, I’m completely drained. I convinced myself yesterday that Murray was going to win in straight sets but when i saw Federer winning i was shocked- he was playing like Federer not like the 2008 Federer imposter like in the Ferrer match, I can forgive him now for losing to Tsonga but I will still be anrgy i he loses to Djokovic for the 3rd time in a row.

    I’ve pratically lost my voice from shouting at Federer yesterday- first it was of praise then insults then more praise then insulting him for inevitable lowering of his level which he never did then more expletives for messing up that first match point then screaming at toothface to double fault, sound barrier breaking screaming when he did double fault and more screaming at toothface for saying “good match” to Federer after he claimed he could easily beat him.

    Why did Novak have to beat Nadal, Federer needs to improve his head to head.

    I have my frazzles back, Roger said he didn’t win any titles until Mirka was by his side and Novak is coming out of serbian slump. Don’t you dare spoil cincy for Roger, Novak or I’ll curse you too.

    Roger don’t let the djoker beat you 3 in a row, I need my sleep and sanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dootsiez says :

      lol SJ! I’m so glad I slept through that one. Sounds like a rollercoaster.

      I on the other hand had the benefit of watching it in hindsight. And it was just lovely!

      • FortuneCookie says :

        I so wanna see a vid of him ripping the ESPN guys in that interview,in all fairness to the commentators,they probably find the situation as ridiculous as everyone else…Brings up the issue of what coverage is like in other countries,would be interesting to hear!:)
        We’re pretty lucky in UK,Masters 1000 and Grand Slams get great coverage by SkySports and Eurosports overall!
        There’s not enough coverage on terrestrial TV like BBC though,they only show Wimbly and Davis Cup,which is a shame and prob BIG reason as to why most Brits only follow tennis during Wimbly…I don’t think it’s that they don’t care,it’s just that they don’t KNOW it’s on,the ratings during Wimbly are insane (this year’s and last years mens final got about 13,14 million viewers) so the interest is clearly there!Andy Murray being around is definitely helping tennis’ profile in the UK though 🙂
        Total type spam,sorry!;)

      • dootsiez says :

        All the Masters and premiers are covered by Foxtel (cable) in Australia. When it comes to terrestrial, we get 3 out of the four slams on free-to-air, the French Open misses out, maybe because we’ve done so appallingly bad there that no one just cares anymore.

        • FortuneCookie says :

          Hehe,but what do you mean,Hewitt totally got to 3rd round this year,then got his arse kicked by Nadal!
          And of course,Sam Stosur,Roland Garros semifinalist!That was such a weird slam,with all due respect to them,NO ONE could have predicted Stosur and CIBULKOVA joining Sveta and Dinara!
          Oh and French Open is on BBC too,scratch what I just said! 😛 Weirdly,in terms of overall Brit success in the Open Era with both sexes Roland Garros is probably the best slam,Sue Barker won it back in the day and Henman made semis methinks?

  10. FortuneCookie says :

    The match just confused me,I was waiting for the capitulation and journey to Mirka/Mighty Babes land,and…it never happened!Was happy for Nole last night too,nice to see him play like that again,although he was SO nervous in the last couple of games!
    That said,Fed all the way,obvs 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      I know! Poor Djoko was on the verge of being overwhelmed by a potential victory in the last few games. I thought Rafa had a half chance there.

      I so thought Fed was going to win the first set, and then lose the next two. I guess it took 4 losses for him to learn the lesson. Let’s see if he learns the lesson against Djoko too.

  11. judy says :

    the match was fantastic to watch. i was a bit nervous in the beginning, but once i saw how fed was playing his game, strategically brilliant, going for his shots, i felt really good about him taking down murray. the tie break was a bit stressful, but i had a feeling fed would pull through. can you believe that serve challenge murray made in the 2nd set tiebreaker, when he fell to his knees?! never seen anything like it. it was like a surrender. 🙂 yes yes, you are #1.

    post match espn desk interview with fed was very entertaining. don’t see it online yet, but hope someone posts it. they basically asked fed if he would watch the nadal v nole match and he said he would if they were going to air it. they all laughed and brad gilbert thanked rog for saying that. you see, even rog, the biggest tennis fan of all wonders why tennis coverage is lacking, esp for the masters 1000 events. tennis execs take note, air it and we will watch!

  12. Tru says :

    Yesterday was fanbtabulous tennis for those who were AWAKE!!

    Djokovic striking the ball like its 07 again, very pleased. This win over Rafa should boost his confidence, irrespective of today’s outcome.

    Now that Djoko’s stopped travelling with that circus, I may start supporting him again…we’ll see.

    Good for Fed, getting a dig in at the Bristol clowns. They have enough channels they could have shifted that little league game, to show live tennis.

    ‘ve been fortunate to have Robbie and Jason for commentary. No ESPN over-produces verbal diarrhea.

  13. jfk10s says :

    Roger played great. I’m glad he remembered the garlic 🙂
    And he was serving at 36%, but he was winning 100% points on his 1st serve.

  14. Julie says :

    What was exactly the comment about in “modern times” men changing diapers? I didn’t hear the interview as I was too busy screaming in glee at my TV and scaring my new roommate out of the appartment (she eventually came back 2 days after!)

    • dootsiez says :

      I think the ESPN crew were trying to make it sound incredulous that Roger would change diapers. And Roger was like “men change diapers in modern times, pfft!”
      I have a feeling that it was less to do with “modern times” and more to do with Mirka being the boss! 😀

  15. sazzylove says :

    dootz can you stash this photo too for your future mischief?Hee Hee…..A nice caption to go with that would be, Lowly Murray bows down to King Federer.

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