I hope you’re happy now, New Haven.

Richard Gasquet lost in the New Haven qualies, and it annoys me more than it should – the tournament would rather let him play qualies than give him a wild card? 





4 responses to “I hope you’re happy now, New Haven.”

  1. stelle95 says :

    Haha thats exactly what i said on my blog…

    i mean, give the guy a break, he has coem back after 3 months of not playing… grrr

    It’s funny cos everyone was saying how hes making his comeback there and blah blah blah….

    so, what was his comeback then? haha


    How do u think ernie will go at the US whats the chances of him getting into the 3rd round ayee??


    • dootsiez says :

      I dunno estelle, I’m *this* close to sticking a fork in Ernie for the rest of this year.

      • stelle95 says :


        It’s pretty sad that the guy had so much promise in 08 and to throw it all away…err at least you can say he;s consistent!! Hahaa. I am like praying to God to let ernie get to the third round I AM THAT FREAKING DESPERATE!!

        Are you going to the AO next year? Like, every day haha?

      • dootsiez says :

        ^ I’m in the process of sorting out some stuff for the AO. If I’m in Melbourne, I’ll definitely be there every day since I think I’ll be on the Aus Open’s “casuals list” (as in casual work).

        As for Ernie, he’s had a shocker of a year that I think it might almost be better for him to take some time off, do some work during the off season and come back to start afresh next year.

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