Cincy Day 7: FUCK YEAH Roger Federer?!

So you’d think that after the French Open and Wimbledon, I wouldn’t be this excited over a Master Series title anymore? 

Ya think?! Well ya thought wrong! *wiggles dance* 


Roger Federer defeated Novak Djokovic 6-1 7-5 to take his third Cincinnati title, and controlled everything from the rallies right down to the audience’s applause. You control freak, you? 



This title is Federer’s 16th title Master Series title, and 61st career title – one shy of Agassi yet one more than Agassi.

His fourth title in five outings, spanning across 3 surfaces.

Second Masters Series title this year, after more than a year without one. 

His first title on a outdoor hard court in 2 years, with the last one also won at Cincinnati in 2007. 

His third consecutive victory over a top 4 player. Impressive heh?


What’s even more impressive is that within a space of 3 months, he has managed to snap his losing streak against Nadal, Murray and Djokovic, each time on his opponent’s favourite surface.

Whatever critics might say about Federer not having faced Murray or Djokovic at Wimbledon or Roland Garros, it would of course be helpful if players who supposedly had his number actually made it far enough to beat him. At a non-slam level where Federer has supposedly turned into a bit of a “Serena”, Roger’s shown this week that there is – truly – no finish line


AP Photo/Al Behrman


As for Djokovic, I (along with the rest of the tennis world) have largely ignored him in the past month, and it seems to be paying off. Dude’s teaming up with Todd Martin, and he’s slowly getting his serve back – although, didn’t Novak Djokovic use to have a great second serve? Who stole it?

A runner-up in Cincinnati should up Nole’s chances at the US Open a little more. At the same time, it’s Djokovic’s fourth ATP1000 final this year. It’s fantastic that he’s actually made that many finals in the first place, but really, I don’t fancy the conversion rate of 0%.

Roger on the other hand had made 2 finals, and won them both. Who wudda thunk it?


Felicitations concubine, *happy dance*

xx doots


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41 responses to “Cincy Day 7: FUCK YEAH Roger Federer?!”

  1. Tashi says :

    That was such an awesome display of Roger Federer-ness. NYC here we come!!!! =D

  2. Liz says :

    That was great! It was Roger in all his glory today. Oh thank you, wonderful tennis gods! This has been such an amazing run for our man!

  3. sliceofwatermelon says :


  4. PJ says :

    The first set was so amazingly routine for Roger in some sense. Djoker tried to get back to the match but he wasn’t really there after losing the battle of deuces at his first service game.

    He came out firing in the second set and I was so afraid that Roger was gonna go walkabout again but he turned things around and close it wonderfully which was GOOD because it was like what, 4.15AM?! I was like if he loses serve when serving for match, I’m gonna fly to Cincy and kick his Feder-ass.

    BUT HELL YEAH ROGER <3<3 Now onward to USO with minimal heart attacks and strokes for your darling fans.

  5. keysersoze says :

    in the clip fed was funny to prompt applause from the crowd! happieeee~

  6. EP says :

    I’m sure Roger won because I WASN’T watching him…. I tuned in during the first set and saw Nole hold serve. Then right when I thought all was going well, Roger got broke in the second set. So I changed the channel and he held. I kept looking in but he kept muffing up his shots so I had to settle for watching something about stalkers…. it wasn’t fun… =/

    Well, YAY for Roger anyway =)

  7. LJ says :

    hell yeah, I just love the “applause please” part so TMF. Should have stayed up for the match but then I’d be none fuctioning at work.

    • dootsiez says :

      I know what you mean. I was half-dead sitting through crim today, and that’s after bottles of V and coffee …

  8. roadrunnerz says :

    Wohooo Federpoop!! This was a great satisfaction win ’cause he went through Murray and Nole to get it.

    But seriously, what an awesome four months it’s been for Fed fans.

    If anyone had told us in April that in the next four months he’d go on to…

    Beat Rafa. On clay. In Spain.

    Win not just Wimbledon, but also the French Open.

    Become a father of TWO.

    And sneak in a hardcourt Masters title.

    Would anyone have blieved it?

    I still can’t quite wrap myself around it. But in a good way. 🙂

    • JFK says :

      I know it seems like such a dream come true.
      He always amazes me!

    • dootsiez says :

      I know! The tennis narrative changed so suddenly that my mind is still reeling.

      Given all that – is the US Open too much to ask for? 😀

      I’m totally bummed about the AO final fifth set now. If not for that, Roger would be going for THE grand slam right now.

  9. Mia says :

    My stream died on me for the trophy ceremony so I didn’t get to see that wares. How come Novak got the bigger trophy (or glassware piece, whatever you call that)? At Madrid, too, he got the plate (again) despite beating Rafa. For both, were the organizers sure they gave the correct trophies to whom? Oh well, but we won’t sweat the small stuff. Just so happy to see Roger moving so well, almost like his 2006 self.

  10. Blue says :

    Woo hoo! Never in doubt that he would win, even against AM (ok i doubted a little!) If there’s one thing this guy has shown us, it’s resilience. I still remember all the obituaries people kept writing for him since last year. And look how far he has come, I’m just so thrilled for him 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      I must say, even I doubted Roger this time last year.

      And if he had listened to all his doubters, he would’ve gotten a coach/ dumped Mirka/ adopted a DHBH/ changed racquets/ skipped the clay season/ retired with 12 slams.

      That’s why I’m so impressed with his self-belief. He never doubted he’ll win another slam, or score more wins over his rivals. He stuck around, worked hard and it paid off! 😀

  11. SJ says :

    In the photo Roger is thinking ‘why is my trophy smaller than his?’

    I’m so happy that Roger won, I feel slightly better about him going to the US open and possibly meeting toothface but i’ll still start frazzling if they meet but probably won’t have as many heart attacks.

    Maybe Roger could break the Agassi’s number of masters shields before Rafa is back to his previous form?

    • dootsiez says :

      It’s not a record that matters that much I guess.

      Rafa’s guaranteed a few Masters every year because of his consistency on clay, so I’m thinking that he’ll definitely end up with more 1000s anyway.

      Now as for the slams, I’d say Roger should be as greedy as possible with them. 😀

  12. Ann says :

    Well-chosen photo, dootsiez – it’s great to see Roger relaxed, happy, and joking with Nole. And the djoke about “The closest I was able to get to the first-place trophy is now” was both honest and gracious – it was all-in-all a nice tennis moment.

    Plus…the first point of that last game…when Nole hit what could only fairly be called a return winner except that a couple of impossible shots later it was Roger winning the point?? I mean – are we back to supernatural Roger? I swear I could die happy after watching that exchange. It’s so thoughtful of Roger to end it cleanly; no need for Djokovich to hash over the if-only’s. If only what…he’d been born in another era? With wings?

    • dootsiez says :

      Actually, I’m not too happy about this whole “If only I had been born in a different era” thing that Novak Djokovic’s been saying for the last few weeks. 18 months ago, this guy was cocky, in your face, annoying for sure, but he also had a lot more fire than he does now. As a former grand slam champ and current world no 4, I’d expect more from him.

      I did love that point in the last game – Roger was totally thinking about all the lovely highlights I’m going to make at the end of the year for “the best shots of 2009” when he played that point. He thought to himself: “I better give Dootsie something to work with!”

      • Ann says :

        Yeah, it’s hard to know where to go with the Roger/Nole/Murray attitudes. Do you give Nole credit for being able to say when Roger’s just too good? Do you respect Andy on some level for posturing and not giving an inch? Rafa manages to strike a balance by beating the pants off Roger and then sounding sincere while calling him the GOAT.

        Maybe Nole’s still trying to make up for his mom’s dumb “The king is dead” comment.

      • dootsiez says :

        I don’t mind Andy Murray’s attitude actually. Sure he gets testy when he talks about Federer. Dude’s probably annoyed that Federer won’t recognise him as a main rival, but most of the trash-talking has actually been done by the British tabloids.

        I like Rafa’s attitude and personality. But he can be a little too modest at times, if you know what I mean. When he was beating the crap out of everyone, he was still going around saying how much he believed that Federer is the better player. Maybe it’s his way of alleviating the pressure of being the “targeted one”. But I just found the modesty slightly pathological, and hard to swallow.

  13. breadstix says :

    GO RAJAHHHH! You’ve done my stony, faithless heart proud, ye Federpoop. I didn’t think he’d start playing so well all of a sudden. I left to get some food after the first game and when I came back he was already at 5-0. -_- And did Roger break his trophy near the end of the ceremony or something? xD

    Oh I is happy. And I realised that both Masters at which I thought Roger would tank at, he won! Gosh, I’m sensing I might have something there…

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehehe I don’t think the tournament organisers … er… glued the bowl to the plaque properly. Funny, since they would’ve spent so long trying to make sure everything ran smoothly, only to stuff up the trophies royally.

      • FortuneCookie says :

        Hehe,this was all so great that the only fault I can find is the ’61th career title’,I know,I know,I must be some kind of weird grammar Nazi… 😛

      • dootsiez says :

        61th indeed! It’s my lisp I tell ya. 😛
        Edited to appease the grammar-nazi.

  14. Trish says :

    Great pictures and write-up. I missed the final but was lucky enough to catch Fed’s matches against Hewitt and Ferrer live in Cincy and it’s kind of amazing how much he just kept improving as he played the tourney. He really does play himself into a tourney by the end!

    Oh sigh, I can’t wait for the USO.

  15. sazzylove says :

    sorry for being late celebrating with you guys…im still in the koo koo place after that massive win by daddy FED!ill be in that happy place until the USO and hopefully will still be there until it ends…=)GO FED!

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