FINE. Excite me for nothing.

I feel weird posting this, but we all need a little wishful thinking, no? 

A Belgian newspaper La Libre reported this week that Justine Henin has “made her decision” to stage a comeback to competitive tennis in January 2010.

Her entourage confirmed that she has been training for a few months now for exhibition matches in December.

Elke Van Dongen-Rodriguez, wife of Justine’s former coach – Carlos Rodriguez, admitted that “certain things have been prepared, but  I’m not allowed to speak more about it.

But speak more she did, “she’s [Henin] actually started to prepare physically and hitting balls a bit more often lately.”

If Henin were considering a comeback in January, she would be obliged to inform the ITF by October this year (at least 3 months in advance) in compliance with ITF’s ratification of WADA’s anti-doping policies.


“Après les matches exhibition qu’elle donnera en fin d’année en Belgique (5 et 6 décembre au Spiroudôme de Charleroi) et à Dubaï. Juju aurait quasi pris sa décision: se relancer dans la compétition à partir de janvier”.

“Dans son entourage, on confirme qu’elle a repris les entraînements il y a quelques mois, mais officiellement dans l’optique de ces matches exhibition”, poursuivent-ils. Elke Van Dongen-Rodriguez, l’épouse de Carlos Rodriguez, ancien coach de Justine, a concédé de son côté “que certaines choses se préparent, mais que je n’ai pas le droit d’en parler”.

Et celle qui est également la porte-parole de l’ancienne championne de tennis de poursuivre: “Elle a effectivement recommencé à se préparer physiquement et à frapper la balle un peu plus souvent ces derniers temps”

Source: lalibre




This is too good to be true.

Unfortunately, it seems like this is too good to be true after all. Carlos Rodriguez claims that he doesn’t think Justine is considering a comeback.

“She trains, yes”, said Carlos, “at the club. Two or three times a week just to get fit because she hasn’t played for a year.”

But when further interrogated on Justine’s possible comeback, Carlos said – “no, I don’t think so. There’s nothing that tells me she’ll return. We haven’t even spoken about it. I’m quite surprised, to be frank.”


Une chose est certaine: Justine Henin a repris l’entraînement en vue de préparer des exhibitions programmées en fin d’année à Charleroi et Dubaï. “Elle s’entraîne, oui”, a confirmé l’ancien mentor de Henin. “Au club. Deux, trois fois par semaine pour se mettre un tout petit peu en forme parce qu’elle n’a pas joué depuis un an.”

Interrogé sur un possible retour à la compétition, l’Argentin a été assez formel. “Non, je ne pense pas. Il n’y a rien qui me dit qu’elle devrait revenir. On n’a même pas parlé de ça. Je suis vraiment très étonné. Franchement.



Total letdown.

But really, isn’t it a little early to start practicing for exhos in December? Think what you will about that. 


xx doots



5 responses to “FINE. Excite me for nothing.”

  1. SJ says :

    Justine coming back is too good to be true, she won’t come back, to retire whilst at number 1 she must of just got fed up of tennis. I would love her to come back, it would be nice if she managed to win wimbledon- the one grand slam she’s missing.

  2. Liz says :

    Oh, I would be so happy if this were true! She was so amazing to watch.

  3. Mia says :

    As much as I relish the thought, I also do not think she is coming back. Sigh, but players with the beautiful game come around only once in a blue moon. At one point, tennis was very lucky it had both Roger and Justine. Now, it’s only Roger carrying the load all by his lonesome. Let’s enjoy him while we can.

  4. breadstix says :

    Oh doots, you’ve got /me/ all excited for a moment there. 😦

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