Fashion: Urgh! Top button, dude.

A squinty-eyed Andy Murray revealed his US Open gear by Fred Perry at the Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club in NYC. I like the colours, although it looks exactly the same as his Wimby gear. 

Now all I’ve gotta do is to track him down and undo that top button. 

Umm Toothface, please don’t take it as a sexual gesture. 


Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Fred Perry



8 responses to “Fashion: Urgh! Top button, dude.”

  1. breadstix says :

    Mmn, I do like the colour… would totally wear that. But what’s up with that retarded-lookin’ expression, duuude?

  2. Mia says :

    Nice color, but am diggin’ the Darth Fed … or should that be Darth Maul Fed since it’s going to be red and black?

  3. LJ says :

    that top button makes him look like a giraffe. Oh muzzah why must you give me hot vibes which dissapate the second you smile?

  4. EP says :

    That’s his “Take the damn photo because I’m choking in this stupid shirt” look =p

  5. PJ says :

    I am sorry but he will never look good…not until he removes that “The whole world’s got it against me, ME – THE GREATEST EVER” sour look off his face.

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