Fashion Picspam: You. Me. Dark Alley.

Props to Nike for coming up with some summery, youthful and fresh colours for the Rafanator. The boy got a cute hair cut too. Rafa is not entirely devoid of Hair God potential, no?

I very rarely gush over what Rafa wears, so enjoy it while it lasts.




Alright, maybe not both of you in a dark alley.

And definitely no JMac. 



I can’t think of anything as un-pink as Serena’s on-court persona. Why Nike? WHY? We were getting along just fine. Leave pink for the JJs and Elenas of this world.

Give Serena fire



Let’s just hope that she escapes the Pink Panther Curse. 


xx doots


Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

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5 responses to “Fashion Picspam: You. Me. Dark Alley.”

  1. Eve says :

    Awk, Rafa looks lovely. That’s quite a 2005 Roger-esque hairstyle he’s got there, back when it was short and floppy, but not quite so styled.

    (also Rafa and Serena are incredibly cute together. *whistles*)

    • dootsiez says :

      Serena and Rafa? She would bully him, sooo much! Hehehe…

      My “crazy tennis fantasy couple” is JJ and Rafa. That would be HILARIOUS.

  2. LJ says :

    omg is it bad that I’m going to seriously start cheering for rafa now that he’s finally cut his hair? Seriously if it gets any shorter he’s going to impinge on fedland.

    • dootsiez says :

      Treachery! We’ve all been there…

      We all came back 😉

      • LJ says :

        don’t worry it’ll never be the fed level of emotional attachment where every loss is a dagger in the heart and every win is the best moment of your life, whereas for rafa it’s only “awwww i want to give him a hug”.

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