Practice makes perfect eye-candies.

Does the US Open really start next week? HELP! Can I have one more week of my frazzle-free world?

With the last slam of the season just around the corner, the top seeds all headed to New York to warm up for two weeks of mayhem. This means only one thing: EYE CANDIES for you all! 



Caramel Jojo: may he never find his shirt. 



According to a French source, Roger Federer and an unshaven Gilles Simon practiced for 2 hours on Arthur Ashe. Thierry Tulasne, Simon’s coach remarked afterwards that  “he [Gilles] had a good laugh with Roger, it’s good for the morale”.

For any Simon fans out there, Tuslasne claims that Gillou’s knees are good to go for the US Open.

For any non-Simon fans, yes – he was having knee issues. 

As always, the paparazzi got hold of pictures. The GOAT looked hot. And so did Roger! 



Got a sweet tooth? How about a head full of chocolate swirls?




Enjoy the eye-sweets! 

xx doots


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6 responses to “Practice makes perfect eye-candies.”

  1. Liz says :

    Ooo! Shirtless tennis! Why do they need those pesky shirts anyway?

  2. breadstix says :

    I hope someone steals ALL of Jo Willy’s shirts right before a match. And all spare shirts in the vicinity too. Is that allowed…? ;P

  3. JFK says :

    “Head full of chocolate swirls” yummy.

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