FACT: Andy Roddick exists to give awesome interviews.

It starts awesome. Once they got started on American sports, I’m sure they were still speaking English – I just didn’t understand a single word of it. 



Aside from that, I actually hate Letterman’s interviews with tennis players. Dude understands nothing, and inevitably, they end up talking about big serves.

Original. Really.



7 responses to “FACT: Andy Roddick exists to give awesome interviews.”

  1. icelollypalooza says :

    Nothing can beat Roddick’s interview with Wossy. “Is that a Swiss accent?” “I don’t know!”

  2. sliceofwatermelon says :

    I love Roddick interviews. It doesn’t matter that it’s Letterman in this case, because Roddick makes the interview. 😀

    (But yes I agree Letterman knows nothing about the sport.)

  3. andy says :

    dave should hire consultants once in a while….maybe someone should explain why a 19-2 record means andy couldn’t get in federer’s head!

  4. JFK says :

    Don’t hate on Letterman!!! But yeah they had the exact same conversation about his serve that they had in the 2003 interview. :\

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