THIEF! Give back my frazzles.

The US Open draws are OUT! Clickey and clickey

Predictions, “previews”, draw analyses – screw them all. They are fundamentally against everything I stand for as a human being. A draw is what you make of it. Theoretically there’s nothing stopping Federer from losing to Devin Britton first round. But you gotta feel sorry for the dude – 




Federer and Rafa on either side of the draw. Venus and Serena on the same side. That’s all you need to know without jinxing my faves.


While draw analyses is against my raison d’etre, picspamming is not. And there is nothing in the world I’d rather be than Serena Williams’ left hand right now. 



My concubine.





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29 responses to “THIEF! Give back my frazzles.”

  1. Mia says :

    That man can wear anything. No need for an Anna Wintour to pull of that casual elegance. Speaking of the draw, I am licking my chops over the Nadal-Gasquet and Murray-Gulbis match-ups. Color me happy but it’s not everyday that you get those kinds of matches in the first round of a slam.

    • dootsiez says :

      ^ I would so much rather see Gasquet v Nadal in R3 though. 😦 😦

      Poor Reeshie. Just as well he lost first round last year as well.

  2. judy says :

    you are too funny and cute! on gtt i remarked that i missed ‘casual’ rog and was very happy to see him in every day clothes. he’s looking super relaxed and adorable! i also thought in various pictures from the draw announcement that it did look like serena could easily have her hand on rog’s behind. she would do that. 😉 and i’d maybe be jealous.

  3. JFK says :

    He’s so dreamy.

  4. sazzylove says :

    awww…David is so sweet.Ill think about it if i can root for him for a full five minutes during the game just to give back on that adoration mode. Hehe

    Definitely Gorgeous.And dootz, please share him with all of us cause I think you are not his only concubine…Haha

  5. sazzylove says :

    Oh shoot….my mistake….hahaha.I should have said Devin!Where the hell did i get the name David?Soorry , I must be thinking of my other concubine!Hehe

  6. Concubine says :

    Thanks for all the love. Remember where it all started…Thanks Stan.

  7. Blue says :

    Concubine? lol Where did that come from?

  8. SJ says :

    More Casual Fed please! Who wouldn’t want to be Serena’s left hand

  9. SJ says :

    Dootsiez, I’m in denial, I will continue to frazzle despite the draw, did you know that the last time a male player won 3 grand slams in a row in the same year was Rod Laver in 1969, the tennis gods are teasing us. I hope Roddick and Querrey lose early, Federer needs to be number 1 and rewrite more history.

    • dootsiez says :

      Aren’t we Fed fans a greedy bunch, SJ?

      Roger has 15 slams, he doesn’t just break records, he invents them on a regular basis and yet we want more!

      Tennis Gods, spare us!

  10. stelle95 says :

    I feel sorry for Ernie 😦 so unfair….got a new coach apparently…And too bad for Oliv Rogowska versign Dina…pfft…

    Not a nice thing to wake up to when you see Ernie playing the number 2 seed KILL ME NOW

    • dootsiez says :

      Tough estelle. I know you’re a big ernie fan, but I’m afraid he ain’t gonna post any big results this year. Maybe the next one 😦

  11. breadstix says :

    No comment about Roger, apart from how nice his hair looks. Isn’t it PRITTY? *dribble* *frazzle*

    But why oh why does Rafa have to open against madaGasgay?? As for Ernie, well, I’ve just about stuck a fork in him anyway, so R1 with Toothy is probably a blessing in disguise. Better th be steamrolled by a #2 ranked player than, say, a qualie. I like how Tooth has Del Pony in his quarter…

    • dootsiez says :

      madagasgay? HAHAHA!

      I can’t wait for Tooth v Del Pony. They got each other R4 last year as well I think. And Nadal in their half. With Federer Roddick and DJokovic on the other side.

      Almost identical draw to last year.

      • breadstix says :

        (I’m so glad he wasn’t banned just so I could use that nickname. xD)

        But Ponyboy’s improved so much, especially mentally, in that time… so yeah, looking forward to it. True… it /is/ veeerry similar to last year’s draw, let’s just hope the end result’s the same too HAAAAAA–

        Oops. *antijinx*

      • dootsiez says :

        Bzzzzzzzt! *antijinx*

  12. Mia says :

    Not everyday that Roger pips Hugh Jackman:

    Even in the gay community (or a segment thereof), Roger out-votes his tennis rivals:

  13. Tashi says :

    I was gonna say something about the draw but I forget. *stares and drools @ Roger*

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