Picspam: No Serena, Roger will not boogey with you. But I will. *boogeys*

REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine


Roger, Serena, ARod and Masha Fierce were among many players that turned up for the annual Arthur Ashe Kids Day, giving Dootsie the perfect opportunity to picspam and drool over so much radness captured in one photograph:


REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine


Q. Have you spoken to Andy about the Wimbledon final since that match? What was that conversation like?

ROGER FEDERER: Not really. That’s not stuff you do, really. Maybe you do that in 25 years’ time, you know, play some exhibitions as old guys. You don’t do that really like when it’s still so fresh. 

Q. Obviously he wanted to win, he’s an opponent. Is there any part of you that feels a little bad for the guy because of the way it ended, 16 14?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, I think it’s always tough in tennis that there are no draws, there is always going to be a winner, even though both have played great throughout the event, let’s say. But at the end unfortunately there’s always going to be one winner, both sides. I’ve walked off tennis courts as a loser many, many times. I wouldn’t ask for the other guy to feel sorry for me or the fans. It’s just part of the game. Same thing here. 

I’m happy it was a great match. I think that’s what we look back on.


I made all these pacts with the Tennis Gods in my hours of darkness that if Roger won the French Open, I’d cheer for Rafa at the US Open, and that if Roger won the Wimbledon final, I would cheer for Andy should he play Federer at the US Open. 

Always a woman of her words, Dootsie will … 

ARGH – Just. Can’t. Do. It. 

Here’s a lesson for ya kids: don’t make pacts with the Tennis Gods that you cannot keep. Meanwhile, Pandy and Roger just wrapped a fuzzy blanket around my heart:


AP Photo/Peter Kramer


In the pathetic and cynical world that we live in, nice guys are considered “boring”. But I’d take James Blech over most of the other jerks playing on the ATP tour right now. Yes I would.

Now if he’ll actually play some tennis, instead of being so goddarn nice…




As if Devin Britton wasn’t lamenting his luck already, now he has a handful of Will Ferrell’s ass.




Q. Do you have to make sure you’re not too relaxed?

ROGER FEDERER: Not really, because I guess I’m relaxed in between. I think that’s more I’m not thinking tennis, you know, nonstop when I leave the site and stuff, which in the past, occasionally happens I guess. But I feel like my game is exactly there where I want it to be, so don’t have many open questions. I think that’s the relaxing part

Once walking through the tunnel to Arthur Ashe things change, you know. Pressure arises, and I hope I can handle it.


STOP INFECTING ME WITH YOUR HAPPINESS! I need all my frazzling mojo back for the US Open.


Mike Stobe/Getty Images


Quarterfinals and beyond, Masha Fierce, don’t let me down. 


AP Photo/Peter Kramer



xx dootsie

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10 responses to “Picspam: No Serena, Roger will not boogey with you. But I will. *boogeys*”

  1. roadrunnerz says :

    Awwww….LOVE these pics!!

  2. JFK says :

    Roger and Masha Fierce. Love it.

  3. Julie says :

    My Goddess, he looks so happy it’s too much! I cannot take anymore of those goofy grins when I know there is a five-settter waiting along the way the coming weeks (and the re-growth of my ulcer!). Also Doots, if you want to get rid of the frazzle (and replace it with anger and rage), try reading this infuriating article about Rog on the NYT:

    There could be some legitimate arguments made about the ever-present RF logo but the level of snark and hate is amazing!

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh yes, thanks for the link Julie. It’s a bit of a schizophrenic article in that it seems to want to compliment Roger on his commercial success and condemn him for it at the same time. And the last bit about Roger’s “self-regard” was true, but snidely phrased, taking some of his quotes out of context.

      I don’t care much. Roger’s ruffling a few feathers right now because he’s winning. He’s the top dog, which means he’s pretty much unworthy of any sympathy right now. Had he lost Roland Garros and Wimbledon, there would’ve been more pressing issues for NYT to write about than a friggin monograph. So I’m happy that they’re writing about monograms. I would’ve asked for it back in May.

  4. breadstix says :

    Aawwh, you’ve turned me into a melted lump of goo. So much cuteness and awesomeness in one go… and Roger can’t just stand there with that hair and looking adorkable, not before the US! Aaagh!

    lolol, if you thought Devin had it bad, try telling Kimmie that:

  5. Julie says :

    Amazing article about Serena in the Guardian (the best I’ve ever read about Serena IMO)

    I get the feeling ReRe may be slightly schizo but I

  6. SJ says :

    Roger better not be buttering us up for another loss, every time I see that goofy grin of his my mind turns to mush and I drool all over my keyboard and I end up being unable to hate him for losing. Rogi has no reason to not to defend his title this year, Rogi needs to show the youngsters who’s boss.

    Anyway not long until Britton, the yoker, Roddick (sorry i refuse to support him until Federer has a gazaillion slams and is not in his half) become enemies #1, #2, #3 oh and any other player that dares to turn up thinking that they can beat Roger.

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